DILEMMA! Black or White N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote

  1. I've been looking for the N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote bag for so long. Thanks to a few TPFers, I was able to track down a Black and White Cloudy Bundle. The SA has both of them on hold for me. :drool:

    Which color should I go for? I love em both but can only afford to buy 1. My small Chanel family consists of a black baby cabas and a black jumbo flap.

    Please help!!!
  2. Sounds like you need a change from black. I'd get the white!
  3. I just got one myself (hopefully!) Called Saks and at first the SA kept thinking it was E/W but I wanted the N/S - thank goodness for style numbers.

    Anyways, I chose white (beige-ish) since I already have a black pocket in the city and a black jumbo caviar... and a bunch of other dark bags. I've been looking for a beige bag for awhile, so this seems perfect. So I guess to answer your question - it depends, what's currently in your collection :biggrin: Also, I guess in terms of resale the black seems difficult to get, so maybe it's a better investment?
  4. Oops I'm a dork I just reread your post - I'd get white! but I'm saying that since I ordered one ~ hopefully it should come in a few days and I'll post pics...
  5. The "white" one is a nice beige color, so my vote goes for the beige (aka white):tup:, and if you dont get the black please PM me. okay!;)
  6. Thanks for your input! :flowers: Turns out, there was a miscommunication between the SA in Atlanta and a SA at another Saks store. The SA didn't have either of the bags!

    Luckily, Casey (SA at the San Antonio Saks) was nice enough to dig through their stock room and find me the white N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote Bag :yahoo:It should be arriving in a few days :rochard:
  7. wow, i'm sucha dork. i don't know how the cloudy bundle looks like! does it look like the cloudy quilt from this season??

  8. oooh congrats, the white color is just as gorgeous---good hunting around skills!!! it can be so frustrating and hard to find past season collection items sometimes =P
  9. Here are 2 pictures of the N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote Bags I found on TPF.
    normal_07.jpg CB2.JPG
  10. oooh! fab. i love the one on bilson! yummy yummy! looks like the fendi bucket bag (but in yummy leather)!

  11. wahhhh i'm sooo sad i didn't keep the dark beige (dirty olive) e/w tote. hold on tight to your CB totes ladies...it's one of the best chanel bags ever!
  12. If anyone else is looking for the Cloudy Bundle N/S in white Hirshleifers have a couple more left. Here is the phone # 516 627 3566
  13. Hi, I called Hirshleifers this morning and the SA told me they only had dirty olive... was she mistaken?
  14. Maybe she was talking about e/w? I talked to Diane earlier, she said there is a couple more left N/S in white. I ordered one. :yahoo: