Dilemma: Black or white MC speedy 30??

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  1. Hi guys! Well my birthday is coming up and I've really wanted an MC speedy for sooo long now. and well, I cant splurge on a chanel classic flap b/c i cant afford it (yet lol). Well, my SO has told me that hes going to pay for about 60% of it and I can pay for the rest (feels guilty for making him pay for all of it)...but im also looking at nice ones on ebay or 2nd hand online stores...anyway I really cant decide if I want a black or a white one..I've always favored the black one because ive felt the colors are more vibrant and well, its black (everyday, easy to match, classy)..any suggestions? TIA! :P:P:P

    sorry for the long post :hrmm:
  2. WHITE!!! it's to die for :drool:
  3. I vote for white too!
  4. I generally prefer black MC over white, however I think the speedy looks better in white.
  5. White for the Speedy definitely. Black looks good for the accessories. :yes:
  6. i have the speedy in white! i generally like black mc, but the speedy looks better in white :smile:

    good luck and happy early birthday!
  7. I agree that I like the white better in the speedy and the black for the wapity & other accessories.
  8. Everyone that has posted prior to me is incorrect! Sorry posters, I still love you! Get the black! It is gorgeous. And, yes the colors are more vibrant and for me since I live in NJ, black is all year round. Oh, and this reason too:

  9. I disagree! I have had four multicolor speedies three black and one white, I LOVE the black ones!
  10. Black, you can use it more and the colors are more vibrant. I LOVE mine.
  11. My MC Speedy is black too ~ I like it in both but picked black so I did not have to worry about the bottom showing dirt. You can't really go wrong with either one!
  12. Black!! Just got mine and love it! The white is awesome too...and my next LV purchase.
  13. I have a black and white MC Speedy and I prefer the white!!
  14. love both! I would pick the white :heart:
  15. Black MC Speedy is so hot!!!! Get the black and I think black looks better with dark patina too.