Dilemma between two pre-owned, pls help!!

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  1. Hi ladies, need ur advice!!

    Two pre-owned black distressed calf jumbo reissue with gold hw, with similar attractive asking price.

    One without authenticity card but bag looks ok; while one has everything along but a little leather peeling inside the bag and seeing from photo that the lock is not "l" but "/"

    How would you choose? Or just not choose either at all??
  2. I would be too scared to buy from an online reseller to be honest. I have read too many horrific stories about con artists selling perfectly made fakes on here and other forums. I would pass, but that is just me. I know there are honest and reputable sellers out there, I'm just too scared to take a chance.
  3. Get both authenticated first before making decisions in the authenticate section. Chanel will fix leather peeling but you'd have to wait a couple months and pay a small fee. If both are authentic it'll just depend on what you want, a bag with no card which is otherwise fine or a bag with everything that you have to get fixed and wait longer for. If you can wait the second option I think will have a higher resale price because it has it's original components and people do pay more for things with all original packaging.
  4. Pictures will help. I also agree with LadyEnoki that authenticate it before you purchase. Good luck.
  5. Pass on both! If you are not in love with it, don't buy it!
  6. I agree with LadyEnoki - get both authenticated first then either
    - buy the first if you're happy to forgo an authenticity card
    - buy the second one if you're happy to get it refurbished for a fee
    - wait for another
  7. I would get both authenticated as it was previously suggested. If both are authentic, I would buy the one in better shape. I keep loosing the cards from my bags... :smile:
  8. If you're buying for beauty get the better condition bag. Who cares about cards? If you're buying for investment, get the one with cards. Because investors care more about the cards. I had that dilemma before and I chose the latter. My friend said we all scuff our bags anyway. I mean we buy a brand new bag in 5 years they would look used anyway. I said how come we buy LVs and Balens with no care cards. She said those are LVs and Balens, But you do not want to risk with 2,000$ bags. I was crazy about the Chanel XL Jumbo with brand new condition with no card. Do I regret not buying it to buy a used one with a card? Sometimes I think about the what ifs. And that particular bag is still in the store upto now. No one's buying it a year after. So maybe I did make the right decision :smile: HTH!

    I've nothing against beautiful Chanels with no cards. Like I said I was about to buy that particular bag. But I chose investment over beauty at that particular time, and maybe at another time I'll choose beauty :smile:
  9. I would get the one with better condition

    I don't like buying a bag and having to be parted with it for months
  10. I know what you mean, but a bag can be easily authenticated (by experts) without the card. I do not buy bags to sell, but I think it wouldn't be difficult to sell a bag without card, but with proof of authenticity from one of the reputable authenticators. A bag in better shape has always more value IMO. :smile:
  11. Get the one in better condition and like others mentioned get it authenticated first! GL!
  12. Of course you are so correct. But then there's half of the buying population that doesn't know what we've learned here (those who aren't TPF members) and would consider a "card" an important element of the deal. I sometimes regret not buying the almost new bag, sometimes I don't. I realized I'm not planning to dispose my Chanels anytime in the next 10 years so maybe I wouldn't need the cards :smile:) Those who buy bags and want to sell them without problems may look for the cards though.

    OP, whatever you choose would have its own merits, so just choose what your heart and mind says. You can't go wrong with a Chanel anyway :smile:
  13. Perhaps the OP can post photos as well? :smile:
  14. I would choose the one that is in better condition, without card.
    A card is just a card, and does not give proof of authenticity of the bag in any way.
    The only thing you need to give proof of authenticity is the bag itself.
    And though I agree that probably all of us like to have the "whole" package when we buy a bag, but when you truly want a bag and know (through authentication) it's authentic, the card seems insignificant (at least for me).
    Some people feel more assured and at ease with the hologram card, and that is absolutely understandable too :smile:
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