Dilemma between Rose tyrein or Rose lipstick Birkin!

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  1. Hi everyone. I have a dilemma. I have been waiting for a Rose lipstick birkin 35 gold hardware in togo leather for a few months now, my SA assures me she can hold one for me when it comes. However a few days ago I stopped by the H store, she informed me she has a Rose tyrein with Ruby interior in palladium hardware size 35 in the back and that she will be able to sell it to me if i want to. I asked her if i can see it and she told me to follow her into the backroom. My first word when she opened the box is WOW! but it's in epsom leather and i am not a huge fan of epsom because I hear it scuffs at the corners easily, even if you are extremely careful with it. So my question is....Since I am only allowed one Birkin this year, which birkin do you all think I should get? Should i get the Rose Tyrein now or wait for the Rose Lipstick Birkin ? Any input is appreciated. Thank you!:heart:
  2. Personally, I would wait for the Rose Lipstick. Your SA assures you she can get you one. It is what you say you really want. I love Rose Tyrien in a SLG or small bag, but I feel it is too intense for a B and the Epsom sounds like a deal breaker for you. The Rose Lipstick is a pink that a person can love for a lifetime, which is why I sense you wanted one in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I'd wait for the Rose Lipstick. :smile:
  4. darling rose lipstick simply because of the ghw but i have to say candy bags are odd finds !!!
  5. wait if you don't like epsom. i'd take it since i love candy bags though :smile:
  6. Vote for rose tyrien. I got both 30 and 35 rose tyrien with rubis interior. Never regret.
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    If it as me and I didnt have either of these colors in that size bag I would pick RT. However, I think you should wait for the RL B as it is what you have initially been set on. I have a RT B in epsom but I have not had issues with it or its corners. I, too, was skeptical of the leather but can say I am quite content with how it holds shape, how light it is and have not had corner issues yet, fingers crossed. I find the 35 to be a bit softer (less stiff) that my 30 B in epsom which I find quite stiff. I adore RT, (for me it is the end-all-be-all color (hence my avatar picture)) and I love it in both epsom and chevre leathers (I have RT items in both). However, that is just me.

    If you think you might be uncomfortable with concerns over the corners getting marked easily (I can say I have experienced this with my RT Kelly) perhaps that is enough for you to hold out until the RL arrives. Have you seen RL in real life? It is lovely and I adore it, however, if your looking for a POP color then RT certainly the color you would be after. In the end, I think you will be quite pleased with the RL in togo. That combination sounds really nice, and this is coming from someone who would pick RT over any other color, any time....Sorry, this was of little help...
  8. Actually I do have a Candy K35 Etain in Epsom too and beg to differ that if you really can take of your bag (i.e. not let it bang here and there), the corners problem is not so inevitable. My Epsom Kelly stands well althou I wear it everyday, even the corners are still mint cond. Epsom leather also makes the bags look structured, which I also love. I just get another an Iris K35 in Clemence and was not used to its slouchiness :P Anyway, it's just my humble thought on epsom.

    Regarding the above, I would vote for you to wait for your Rose Lipstick if you worry too much for epsom leather. Rose Tyrien is v fabulous, while so many ppl are crazy with Rose Tyrien (for e.g. in my Asian country) , like darling Birkel mentioned I could not take it coz I feel it's too much haha... I don't really like those neon shade from Candy version.

    Having said that, I must say that your SA is really a gem. If she can assure you that you are getting your first choice, why would you settle for sth that is out from your wishlist?
  9. Love both colours. However, I understand your uncertainty with Epsom. As you have your heart on RL Togo, should stick to it.
  10. Lipstick Rose.
  11. Thank you so much Ladies for all your opinions, i greatly appreciate it! :heart::flowers: I am still weighting the pros and cons of the beautiful birkin bag. I will inform you guys of my final decision. Anyway i still have a week to decide and if i say no then the bag will be pass on to the next client in the waiting list. :sad:
  12. It really depends on what kind of pink u love! Rt is my fav, I know it is Epsom! But Epsom in rt is even gorgeous coz of the pop!
    RL is nice, but unsure unless able to see the real bag now! So it is hard to decide, but if u love hot pink , then rt, if u like hot pink that might not too pop, then wait for RL!
    Either way, both are stunning!! Good luck
  13. I'd suggest you to wait for RL..
    Since it comes in a leather that you prefer and i really think RL will look GORGEOUS with the Gold Hardware...

  14. got both!!!!!!:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Both color are so nice.

    If I were you , I would get RT first and after that I would wait for RL...:biggrin:
  15. RT with Rubis is simply divine, I have seen RL and RT side by side, and to me RT is simply divine...I wouldnt miss it if I was in yr position. Epsom holds well in a birkin....