Dilemma: An everyday tote - LV Hampstead or Chanel Medallion??

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  1. I have been debating between the Damier Hampstead and the Black Medallion and I still can't figure out which one I want. I plan to wear it everyday, work, school, etc. I'm usually pretty casual, though I think i can wear either if I'm going out. I know this is an LV thread but for both LV and Chanel lovers, I need your opinion. Help? :heart:

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  2. I have both - the Chanel and the Hampstead MM and think the LV would be your best bet in this case

    Reasons: easy access to interior, can easily fit over shoulder, more room while still lying nicely against the body, gold plate adds a nice luxurious touch for going out
  3. For what you're going to use it for - I would lean toward the Medallion. However, I think the Hampstead will be more worry-free (less prone to scratches, tears etc).
  4. I like both, but the Hampstead if you get in the MM size will be able to hold a little more !
  5. LV Hampstead is a fabulous bag, it is huge when the sides are opened and they can be snapped shut for a more compact look.


  6. I would choose the Chanel, but only b/c I don't have a Chanel bag yet & I think the Medallion is beautiful!
  7. The handles of the Hampstead are very very hard and stiff and really uncomfortible!:Push: I have sold mine after 2 weeks. The handles hurts the shoulders very much, plus the bottom is also very stiff. Go for the CHANEL!!
  8. I have the Hampstead & I find the straps are very hard & sharp, I would go with the Chanel this time!
  9. Will you be able to try them on before buying?
    I really wanted a Chanel GST, PST or Medallion tote. I tried them on last year and they looked really weird on me; even my DH was underwhelmed.
    The Hampstead looked really good though! Go for the MM!

  10. Me too and I think that you would have more fun with the LV!:yes:
  11. get the Chanel
  12. I think you really need to get BOTH because both are TDF!!
  13. I personally like the Hampstead, I have the MM in Damier and thinking about the Azur for spring unless I go with the Galliera.
  14. I own the medallion and was going to recommend the Hampstead b/c of the length of the shoulder strap until I read the comments. If you live in a climate where you don't have to worry about fitting the bag over jackets or coats, go for the medallion.

    My medallion will mostly be a spring/summer bag b/c of the coat issue.
  15. love the medallion