Dilemma: Ali in whisky or white?


Coach Ali: Which colour?

  1. White!

  2. Whiskey!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I have been lusting after the Ali for a while now but I just can't seem to choose between those two colours. I love them both! I have never owned a white before because I know it will get dirty but it looks gorgeous (when it's clean hehe). But I love the look of the whiskey too...

    So which one would you guys get?

  2. I would get it in the whiskey. It is beautiful in the white too but it does seem that it would get dirty so easily. Plus, you can wear the whiskey year round. And it may be difficult to get the whiskey again if they stop making it. I have this bag in the whiskey and I love it.
  3. I like the whiskey.
  4. both! :graucho:
  5. How would you clean the white? It would definitely be a nightmare as an every day bag. Maybe for special occasions?
  6. Whiskey is my vote!! The white is gorgeous, but you can do a lot more with the whiskey.
  7. noshoepolish- I have no idea how I would clean white hehe And I would want to use it for everyday.

    kallison- I wish I could get both!

    I am drawn to whiskey cause I'm not really afraid of getting it dirty but seeing the white on Hayden from Heroes makes me want one!
  8. Well, I can't really vote on this one because I have exactly the same dilemma!
  9. I voted for whiskey simply due to the "keeping it clean" factor.
  10. i love the white!!
  11. :heart: the whiskey!!
  12. I have the Ali in Black and White. I love the white. It does not get dirty easily. If it does (which mine hasn't yet and I've worn it straight for almost 3 weeks now) Coach suggests using a wet papertowel to wipe it off. Unless you are dragging it through a mud puddle it really shouldn't get any dirtier than any other bag. I love the white, it's so fresh looking and I get tons of compliments.
  13. I would go for the whiskey. But then again, white looks great too. I'd say get both!:yes:
  14. Do you think you can carry the white during any season? There is tons of dirty snow right now and I'm afraid of setting it on something dirty. All it takes is a papertowel? That doesn't sound too bad! I better go see them both IRL. I wish I could get them both!

    Does anyone have pics of themselves carrying the Ali, or just pics of the Ali by itself?
  15. Oh yes, please post pics carrying the Ali.