Dilemma about selling my small patent betty... Need help fast!

  1. Hi all,
    My small patent black betty is listed in eBay as some of you already know that the only reason I'm selling it is because I have managed to get hold of the medium/large size and I felt I did not need to keep two.
    Well, the thing is that my bag listing is due to end tommorow (sunday) and though there are no bids yet, there are plenty of people watching it and I am confident it will sell. However, I am now having doubts about selling it at all as I was looking at it tonight and I totally love it and I am now wondering can I justify keeping both? I went to so much trouble trying to get the small betty in the first place and she is really beautiful. I love the medium/large one too of course but I am worried that once my listing ends tomorrow and it is sold, I will regret it.
    What do you think I should do? Sell it or end the listing and keep it as well as the medium/large one? :confused1:
  2. Hard question, if you don't need the money and you really fear you'll regret pull the listing. If you are unshure let the auction end if sold it's fate if not as well...that's how I go about things!
  3. If you are having REALLY strong feelings about selling it, end the auction and wait to relist it until you are ready to sell it. If you are unsure, I agree with catcat as I do the same thing . . . leave it up to fate!
  4. :yes: Leave it up to fate
  5. If in doubt, don't! Pull the auction & relist when you are sure you want to sell!

    I sold a few bags that I was unsure about & always regret.

    Mind you do you really need two of the same style?
  6. I think you don't really want it. Perhaps's it's last minute, "oh goodness what am I doing" syndrome. I often have it the last 24 hours of parting with something. If I had really wanted it I would have waited until the very last minute possible, when it would be put me in a questioning state.

    Ask yourself this, if it had a bid would you still want it? Or would you have not even considered keeping it again?
  7. Even if I am one of those who are watching this beautiful bag, I want to say to you, that if you are not sure - you can always wait and think about it a little more :crybaby:

    I feel terrible parting with any of my bags, but when they are gone I actually dont miss them.. its just the thought of not being able to look at them anymore that I hate :shame:

    But btw, Denmark is a very bag friendly country, and if she ends up with me, my other bags are going to plan a welcome party :wlae::yahoo::jammin:

    Just kidding... wanted to give you my support :smile:

  8. I have had bag regret recently as well and thought right I am pulling them but like Cili said I thought right leave it to fate. Two of them sold and I ended up not being as upset as I thought I would be as I thought ok at least that funds a new purchase.

    I guess they are two similar bags just different sizes so would you really get all the much wear from two exactly the same?

    Good luck with your decisions - its a gorgeous bag
  9. Yes agreed, I think its because it looks so gorgeous in the pictures, that of course you are having second thoughts. BUT, you do now have the larger version in exactly the same colour, so hard as it is, maybe let this one go, and you can now pick up bettys in different colours really really cheaply, so you could always get another small later on in a diff colour if you do find yourself missing the small one.

    If I didnt have my blue betty, I would soooo be buying your bag, I promise you!!!
  10. Tough one - I would probably leave the listing. Good Luck!
  11. I think its finished now is it?
  12. did u sell it??
  13. she did really well :biggrin: