dilemma about paying via bank wire transfer

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  1. hi everyone,

    i'm considering of getting a chanel bag from this seller on eBay and the problem is she told me that she'd only ship to confirmed addresses (for both US & international buyers). the problem is, my paypal account is for a country which doesn't have the requirement of a confirmed address (it's non-uk/us). so the seller has offered me an alternative of paying her via western union wire transfer instead.

    so herein is my worry - that if i were to wire the money to her, i'd have no protection as compared to paying by credit card (where i can always do a chargeback if the item turns out to be a fake or if i don't receive the item). it's a pretty large amount of money (imo) - $1800 and especially so since i'm still a student. :push:

    the seller is a powerseller, but she's had a fair bit of negative/neutral feedback in the past. it's this seller - eBay Member Profile for maerim

    i would really appreciate it if any of you PFers could give me some advice or if anyone has purchased an item/bag from her, could you give me your feedback on the seller please?

    thanks in advance to everyone! :heart:

    (edit) i just read another thread saying the seller has authentic coach bags. but i just thought i might ask about how trustworthy the seller is for non-coach items/in terms of not running away with my money.
  2. Hi - I have never purchased from this seller, but I can understand why you are wary about doing a wire transfer. It IS risky - only you can decide if the bag is lovely enough & a good enough bargain to take that risk. For what it's worth, from reading the feedback this seller doesn't seem to be a scammer - she sells a LOT, and would almost definitely not want to risk her eBay standing by scamming anybody.

    That's just my feelings. Hopefully somebody who has dealt with the seller will be along soon......!

  3. I agree. I don't think she would jeopardize her ebay status.
  4. One other thing to consider is the item value. If the seller declares the full value of the bag on the customs forms you will have to pay the duty. I think it's around 20% for UK and parcelforce will charge you before you can receive your item.
    I have family in the UK and send things regularly and I lessen the item values otherwise they are charged, even though they are gifts.
    If the seller agrees to value the item at say $99 and check as a gift then you'll be okay. Some sellers are comfortable doing this and others are not. I don't mind as long as it's going Express and am comfortable with the buyer.
  5. dont do it. stay p/pal with c/c. you know better.
  6. IMO it is not really a bank wire transfer - that would be transferring money into your bank account (one of the safest options if you ask me - no way to get it out of there again!!!). Western Union is in no way protecting you - once the money is gone it is gone.
  7. I too would be warry since you have no protections "in case" and it is a lot of money. Is the seller open to another service like BidPay? I have seen these used more often in auctions with potential international buyers.
  8. There will be other bags...I have completely sworn off buying any other way except for paypal with a credit card...it would be too easy for the seller to be tempted...I would move on.