Dilemma - 226 GHW OR 227 SHW?

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  1. I recently bought my first chanel bag, black reissue 227 SHW....I know I owe you all a bag reveal....its coming....:biggrin:

    Now I have an opportunity to get a black 226 GHW. I still have a few days to return the 227 (unused) if I wanted to. Which one should I get as my first chanel bag? I think GHW is classy while SHW is kinda trendy. And 226 is a good size for day and evening while 227 is more of a day bag. But I do like the look of SHW, more subtle feel.

    If it were you, which one would you choose and why? Please help me!!!
  2. I think the biggest question here is what size you want, the rest just falls into place. I personally would go for the 226, the 227 seems a bit too big to me to schlepp around on a daily basis, and I love silver hardware. :biggrin:

    However, I'm struggling between GHW and SHW for a 226, so best of luck with your decision!
  3. Regardless of the sizes, without a doubt, GHW!
    The matte black reissue's GHW is antique looking and unique, its not gaudy at all!
    It wouldn't be the most popular and sought after combinations for no reason.....
  4. i'd go with the 226! IMO Black reissue + gh = simply divine!!! :nuts:
  5. I will be checking out the 226 in a few days and will make a decision then. Tough decision making process ahead.....:confused1:
  6. 226 w ghw
  7. kewave - I'm leaning towards the GHW actually (and definitely 227 size!), but wouldn't GHW in the 227 size be gaudy? Big, flashy, shiny, meh?
  8. shadowyi - thought you were going with 226, no???

    My SA told me the ghw on reissue looks really vintage......maybe too vintagie. But I have not seen and hold one in person....so looking forward to it.
  9. black with GHW!!! I love the look!
  10. I love ghw for a vintage feel and shw for a more casual, modern look. Both are equally beautiful to me.
  11. well, i am planning to get both of the someday but my first chanel was a reissue 227 with SHW
  12. only ghw w/ the matte black! i'm getting it in 226 too!
  13. I have both the 227 with s/h and the 226 with g/h, I got the 227 first and it's the one I use the most out of the two. Both are gorgeous bags and it's all down to which one you like the most...which ever one you decide you will love!
  14. I actually tried both 226 and 227 in both SHW and GHW and no doubt why it's a tough decision. It all comes down to what the purpose of the bag is. I personally felt no difference with the size (maybe I thought all were pretty). But had to go with GOLD. Definitely more vintage. The silver was too plain for me.
    So my vote is Gold.
  15. thetuk -- haha my bad! I reread this post and thought, wow I sound like an indecisive flip flopper. Let me be more detailed this time...

    I want to be able to fit my glasses case, or my sunglasses case in my bag. Either of the two. With the 226, I kept looking at pictures of what people could put in them and it all seemed to be really small, thin wallets, Blackberries, etc. Then I might as well stick to my small flaps for that. Also, I already have a small black caviar flap. If I got a 226, it would be great for day/night. However, I already have a night bag! What's the point of that/I felt it would diminish the special-ness of my black flap (which was also a gift, so extra sentimental value!). I also wanted to be able to casually throw items into my bag, after my e/w and small flap, I'm a liiiiittle bit tired of having to carefully jam items in.

    I decided to go for GHW even though ALL MY FLAPS have SHW. Purely because the GHW looks better with matte black, it really does to my eyes. I didn't want my bag to be one entire solid block of black (I woke up this morning with this revelation, so that ought to mean something!), and with GHW I ought to grow into it nicely. :biggrin:

    Now I'm just slightly concerned that GHW on the bigger 227 will look obscene, or very in your face-look-I've-got-money! So I'm waiting to hear some other opinions. But once again, size and considering my whole collection really made my decision. Do you think you will/have a smaller black flap for dressier occasions? Try to think of everything as a whole, good luck and hope my reply helped!