dilemma- 1 chanel or an lv bag and wallet?

  1. i've always loved chanel and this month, i have a chance to buy it. BUT i also want to get a bh and a pti or zippy wallet. obviously i am in the lv forum and i kinda know the answers i'll get but i'm asking anyway. which would you get? i'm thinking of buying the chanel petite shopping tote by the way. :confused1:
  2. chanel. :yes:
  3. BH and zippy wallet - will last much longer and look nice longer and you'll get so much use out of them. My two daughters use their BH's every day and I absolutely adore my zippy wallet!
  4. I'm thinking of getting the PST (or GST) as well. Tough choice, but if you want a larger, tote sized bag, I would go for the BH and zippy wallet.
  5. BH and Zippy!
  6. I'd definitely get the BH and the PTI wallet.
  7. i love the size of the pst- the gst was too big when i tried it on at the chanel boutique. the bh is a great everyday bag and a matching zippy wallet would be wonderful. oh no, i'm confusing myself even more.
  8. Chanel ;)
  9. Wow. Tough choice. I say get the Chanel PST since I have a feeling that this is your first choice. You can always get the BH and wallet later.

    I was in the same dilemma as you a couple of weeks ago with having to choose between a black jumbo caviar flap or a white MC Speedy ---both of which were on my list. I opted for the Chanel first. I will get that MC Speedy as soon as I can, though!

    Good luck with your decision!!
  10. Well what do you NEED??? If you're still looking for "essential" pieces in your LV collection, then get the BH and zippy, but if you're done with the essentials and are just buying LV for the fun of it without actually LOVING the pieces, then get the Chanel tote.

    Now personally, even if I'm done collecting the essentials, I'd still choose something made by LV (perhaps a more expensive bag) because le Petit shopping tote just does NOT attract me (and the Franco-wannabe-Anglo name of it is distracting...............*runs and hides* lol)
  11. BH and zippy
  12. i was having the same kind of dilemma with LV...should i buy one bag OR buy a bag and a wallet of equal pricing.

    i would say go for the pst. isn't the pst/gst hard to come by lately? i could be totally wrong about that lol.
  13. While I do love LV, I'd have to go with Chanel on this one- the petit shopping is just so gorgeous!
  14. the petite shopping is not hard to get here in hong kong. i know that people are so divided on this bag- either they love it or hate it. i love both the bh and the pst so it's so difficult to decide.
  15. I say get whatever you will truly love, then it's money well spent. Sounds like you truly love the chanel tote, but the practical side is saying "bh + pti."