1. I have a bit of a problem. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion and everything associated with it, but I have a toddler and a 7 month old who take up all my energy and i've noticed that there are days where I'm lucky if I get to sneak in a shower let alone plan an entire wardrobe and dress up. I feel for my DH because I'm sure he misses his wife who use to dress up in skirts and wear platforms and heels and now she was traded in for this wife who rarely gets out of her pj's and hardly wears makeup anymore. Has this happened to any of you? I mean, I want to put more effort into getting ready in the morning but when I have a hungry 2 year old at 7am and a screaming baby 2 hours later I just dont see the point sometimes. I feel like having kids has totally destroyed my outward appearance. Any thoughts or feel good words woudl be greatly appreciated!!!;)
  2. It's happened to me! I'm no mom but I hardly ever dress up or put on makeup now simply because I dont see the point in dressing up for a lecture/discussion. Don't get me wrong, I'll do it if I'm meeting someone but if I'm just going to a 1-2 hr. discussion, I'll throw on some jeans and a tshirt.

    You know... I think a mommy with two beautiful kids is already such a bright appearance! Whenever I'm on the streets and I see happy kids with happy parents, I smile. I dont even pay attention to what the mom is wearing.

    However I think every once in awhile, a play date would be fun. Maybe your mom, sister, or a babysitter can watch the kids while you dress up and go out with your husband.

  3. Oh and from your avatar, you are SMOKING. Who cares what you're wearing with a face and a smile like that!!
  4. ^^ Thanks!! :smile: That was such an appreciated compliment! I have scheduled a babysitter for Friday night so my husband and I can go out!
  5. I like to think about my outfits before I go to sleep. I picture them in my head and I add accessories with my imagination. Its very exciting. HMM I think i sound CRAZZZY actually.
  6. I am a mother of 3, and I can feel your pain!! I NEVER wear makeup during the day...and I think my DH might actually pass out if I showed up while it was still light outside wearing anything other than the most casual and comfy of clothes. BUT...it is practical!! What is practical about wearing your best, cute stuff and having everything from spit up to spilled drinks on it???? Save the dressing up for going out...and don't stress out too much about it! Your Husband knows who you are...no matter what you are wearing!!!

  7. I dont think you sound crazy at all!! :smile: I love to think about all kinds of things before I go to sleep too!! Makes life more fun in my opinion. By the way, I love that dress u ended up choosing for that party!!

    Thanks! That's what he says but who knows?! LOL..I do enjoy dressing up when I go out though...
  8. no problem socal. and i mean it too!

    have fun this Friday, you deserve it!! :drinkup:
  9. while i dont have any kids yet, i totally understand your situation and there is no need to dress up for your babies. when i was really young my parents had date night every wednesday (or some night during the week) and they just went to dinner or something kinda simple and my brother and i had a babysitter. it was fun for us (i still remember the way she made our ice cream sundaes) and it was a great break for my mom and a chance for her to dress up. you should make this date you are having with your husband a more regular occasion so you can have the chance to get dressed up more often!
  10. I have three children, and I faced the same situation. I went and bought cute, but washable and comfortable outfits to wear at home. Plus, I always make time to shower and at least put on mascara and lipgloss in the mornings. I just can't wake up unless I do.

    I am certainly no fashion plate, but it does help to have 15 minutes to yourself in the morning to shower, and outfits that are casual but that you know are flattering, too. Can you get in a few minutes in the bathroom alone before your husband leaves? I'm not a big fan of videos, but if it means the difference between me having a shower or not, I will put one in!
  11. Personally I think every woman looks better w/o too much makeup. I have a baby too - and I really only ever have time to throw on some mascara. (I must, my eyelashes are blond). And the truth is that most men love women in their natural state of beauty (that is - no makeup), at least that is what I hear most often from men, esp. my husband.

    Mostly - enjoy the time you do have alone with your husband!!! I am so jealous of your date - night!!

    Oh and by the way, you're GORGEOUS!!!

    And it does get better. Your kids are small, and you WILL get to the point where you'll have more time to devote to yourself and your appearance, if that is important to you - you will!
  12. i got one and she s 10
    my ego and arrogance gives me the boost to make sure I look at least half decent 3 times a week
  13. I have found myself in the same boat just minus the kids. But I find comfort in knowing that wilth everything stripped away my BF still see's me for the beautiful woman I am. I'm sure your DH feels the exact same way.

    Going out every once in a while sounds like a great idea! Hope your friday night outing was fabulous & fun! :graucho:
  14. It's totally normal ;) all of us mothers have been there ^^
    Having a little one can really take the energy out of you.
    but once they grow up a little bit more you'll find yourself dressing up more etc.
  15. the more important question is: how do you feel not dressing to kill everyday?