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  1. Please help...I purchased my first ever Louis today *Berkeley in Damier Azur-way beyond gorgeous) and I am overjoyed. Here's the problem, now I want to go back (tomorrow actually) and buy more items. Louis is really expensive, but wow, it's so beautiful. I looked at the Vernis in Pomme (wallet) and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Loved the Speedy's (hadn't ever thought much about one until finding this forum), the Denim is to die for and now I'm like I totally need a wallet. I could spend all of my money, but then I'd be the best accessorized homeless person there is...any thoughts/suggestions :smile:
  2. I think a wallet in vernis would be wonderful! I am actually looking for a ludlow in the pomme but its not available in my country anymore. :crybaby:

    You could also get some small accessories to go with your beautiful bag e.g. cles or a bag charm.

    Do post pics of your new bag!
  3. I too think you should go for a Vernis wallet in Pomme... which one in particular were you planning on getting?
  4. Oh yes please post pics!!! And as for a wallet, any of the pomme vernis wallets would go really well with your berkeley!
  5. Wow, your 1st LV is the Azur Berkeley. :nuts:

    What an amazing bag to start your LV collection.

    Congrats on the fabulous purchase!

    *Please Post Pics*

    As for a wallet, I think anything in Pomme is absolutely gorgeous and would look great with Azur.
  6. Thank you all (will try to take pix but haven't tried on this site yet). I checked out the wallets today and am not sure which one I like most. The Zippy seemed way too big, with the French purse I fear I would break a nail trying to open the coin clasp and the Snapped billfold seems way too small. Will probably go check it out in the Louis store tomorrow (as it was closed until 12 today so bought my beauty at Bloomingdales). I'm nervous I mite go Louis crazy though :smile:
  7. We are all Louis crazy here so feel free to join in and start snapping up the lovely purses! :lol:
  8. Congrats on your first but not last LV!!!!!

    Check out the Pomme Koala wallet. I have the mono koala and I love it.

    You are not alone. When I found this place I did not own anything but Coach bags now I have over 10 LV's. This place is REALLY EVIL on your bank account.

    You are surrounded by a bunch of evil enablers. But I love each and everyone of them. TPF girls and guys are the best!!!!!
  9. A Pomme wallet would go gorgeous with your new bag. TPF sure helps lower my bank account.
  10. Fantastic first LV purchase!!! I am experiencing the same new addiction. I recently bought my first LV bag and I am already interested in scarves, wallets, a spring bag (Berkley Azur actually)!!! It is hard to justify $700 on a wallet though:hysteric:.
  11. Ha ha! It happens to all of us! The secret is to pace yourself!

    I have the pomme pochette wallet and love it. It's very easy to use!

    I think Pomme would look great with your new bag! Congrats!!
  12. Congratulations on your new Berkeley, the Azur is lovely! And a pomme accessory is wonderful way to add some POP to your bag. If you feel that a wallet is going to hurt your pocketbook too much take a look at the cles, they hold quite a lot and are much more reasonable $wise.

    Otherwise, I love the Koala wallet in pomme, it holds tons, looks great with the gold clasp too.
  13. ITA with Traci. You'll have to learn to pace yourself and TPF is not a good place if you're on a ban. :p

    The Pomme Ludlow or Koala wallet is lovely. But I prefer the Pomme Zippy.
  14. How about a pomme cles? I love mine!

    otherwise yes I'd suggest a koala wallet. I love the denim wallets too.
  15. Welcome to tPF! What a great first bag! I love pomme! Go for it in a wallet for sure. I have a pomme 4 key holder and a Mono Koala wallet...the pomme Koala would be great!