1. I got a PCE and the only think I can afford to buy is a Key Charm, but with the discount it be cheaper. But I feel like I am waisting a pretty good coupon.... Like I should have someone else have it, that is going to buy something where the discount would be greater. what should I do!???
  2. Hi! I just PM'd you with my address in case you don't mind giving away your PCE card but please, no pressure! :smile: Like you said, if you want a keychain and it would be cheaper to purchase WITH the PCE card, then use it! Any kind of savings would be better than NO savings. Don't feel guilty in using the card for just a keychain because it's YOUR card to use as however YOU please. That's just my opinion. :yes:
  3. You can always use your coupon and THEN give it away, as long as there's enough time for it to get through the mail.
  4. Yeah, they wont take your coupon away from you after you use it. I would definetely get your cute lil' keyfob first:yes:
  5. It says on the card that it is taken at time of purchase. They don't actually take them?
  6. Some do and some don't. Of the two PCE cards that were shared with me, one was taken and the other wasn't. But I used it the next to last day so I didn't have time to pass it on to someone else.
  7. I know this time around, our store is not allowing a second transaction and the card will be taken! Normally we do let customers keep them but because this is not a PCE it will only be a one time use.
  8. same at our store :yes:
  9. I bought my Carly in Khaki/Beet this weekend at the University Village Coach store in Washington State (Seattle), and they took my card. Which is fine because I wasn't planning on buying anything else until I let my bank account build up again.
  10. thats messed up i would want to keep my coupon...
  11. Same here. Most people have been fine with it though.