dilema ~ should i just bite the bullet??

  1. So I've been obsessing over the PST as my potential first CHanel for a while and recently aquired the money for one quite unexpectidly (as in i wasn't planning on having this money at all). I'm in college and work hard in the summers but I am also trying to get some money saved for life after college. So my big question is - should I be fiscally responsible and save this found money, work and maybe purchase it with my working money in 6 months/year *or* should I just bite the bullet and get it now?

    Is there a confirmed price increase on the PST soon?

    Also, black or beige if you think I should get it?

    big thanks, all!!
  2. O I'm a bad influence, I say buy it now , enjoy it then work hard and save save save:p
  3. It seems like everything just keeps going up and up in price! yikes! If you have cold hard cash I would go for it!
  4. GET IT NOW! I'm a college student too and i'm really bad at money so i say do it! (probably shouldn't listen to me!)
  5. I know I should advise you to save...but it would be hypocritical of me. I withhold my advice.
  6. hmm well if you think you will end up getting in within a year or so then i would just get it now without the price increase. i was in the same situation when trying to decide whether or not to get my first chanel, but I realized if I didn't get it prior to the increase, I'd be getting only maybe a year later for graduation so why not just get it pre-increase? The problem with that is you might get bitten by the Chanel bug!! :p I thought one would keep me satisfied but honestly I want MORE!! And I haven't even made it to graduation yet!
  7. ^ beware of the chanel bug!LOL..
    im one of the victims..and most of ladies here:p
  8. If you know you're getting it anyway and you don't need the money now or in the near future...i say get it to avoid further price increase.

    can never go wrong with black!
  9. i guess if you dont have any pressing need for the money now.. u should get the bag :yes: Cos if eventually ure gonna buy it.. u are better off buying it before the future price increase :flowers:
  10. oooh i really want it. does anyone know what the confirmed price increase is - may or sept??
  11. I would say get it now!! I'm a university student! And, its the best time in my life cuz I can shop like crazy! So I spend my money in Chanel so that I can use it when I start to work! And, its a great investment because its so classic!! But, After I graduate there are more stuff that I have to face in life! Such as, buying a house and buying a car! So I would say ~~~~enjoy ur college life!!! By the way I'm 21 now!! I guess after I graduate I wouldnt spend money on buying bags!! My goal is to buy a house when I'm 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. B.i.n. :d