Dilema - New Noir vs Old Noir First

  1. Hey Ladies,

    I'm new to Balenciaga and I am absolutely in LOVE!!!!! My first purchase was a white first from My Personal Shoppers. I really wanted my second purchase to be a black city but Holt Renfrew was out of black city's, only had the first and twiggys.

    I couldnt walk out with nothing so I bought the black first, I'll get a city when it comes in, I dont mind having both! But now I'm not so sure I'm crazy about the new shiny leather.

    Theres an old first up on ebay, the old leather. Seems to be authentic. Heres the link:


    Wondering what you girls think: Return the 100% authentic new noir first and get the ebay old noir first? Or stick with the new one knowing its real?

    I'm feeling very jittery right now, I keep dreaming about these damn bags because I want the all!
  2. If you were waiting on a black city, I would say return the new one and wait for what you really want!! They pop up all the time :smile:
  3. I'm actually thinking I want both now. I can use the black first for when I go out at night. I might get the ink city instead of the black city, they have one on hold for me at Holt's.
  4. Definitely keep the black first and get the ink city. I love the ink!!
  5. I think thats what I'll end up doing. So then I'll have a white first, a black first, and an ink city. Not bad for my starter collection.

    I havnt seen the old leather in black in person though. Is it a lot nicer than the new shiny leather?
  6. Get the ink city! You will love it! The ink is so rich and versatile- I am totally in love with mine!!! :love:

    The members who have seen teh older bags swear that they are softer, and much more plush than the current line. NOt as shiny either, but squishy soft! I can't imagine loving my b-bag any more than I do, so I can only imagine what it would be like to own an older style as well!
  7. Hi there. The auction you mentioned above is actually my auction. And it's definitely 100% authentic. I own two black first handbags - one from 2005 spring and one from 2005 fall. The spring one is softer and squishier but more distressed (but not like the crackly veiny distressing of the 2006 leather) and the fall 2005 one os smooth but not as soft and squishy. For me, I prefer my bags smoother so that's why I'm selling the spring 2005 one. So it's all a matter of preference. But the leather from 2005 beats the 2006 leather hands down!
  8. Ohhhhh the dilema.

    Definitely getting the Ink City from Balenciaga NY. Cant decide on old vs new leather for the Black First. It's so hard becaue I have the new leather right in front of me, I know what it looks like. I've never seen the old leather in black, just in white so its so hard to decide based on internet pictures.

    Anyone here know if the the new leather softens up and becomes less shiny with use?
  9. oops, double post
  10. Sweetsparkle--I am considering bidding on this (haven't totally made up my mind,because i think I might want a black or green box) and wondered if you would be amenable to it being picked up (I live in NYC--the saving on the shipping might tilt me more in that direction, but I can understand if it's too inconvenient). Are you anywhere near either the E 80s or the W 60s? (home and work) Also, is there ANY wear on the edges? Thanks.
  11. There are no wear on the edges...and yes you can pick it up. I live on the west side, down in Chelsea. We can meet at a starbucks near me. :biggrin: I can give you my cell once you make a purchase.
  12. According to Balenciaga and some of the other ladies on the PF, the new leather does get less shiny and more supple over time. If I had a choice between an old black that is in pristine condition, I would probably go for that. BUT I have to tell you that I LOVE the new bags and think you would be just as in love with an 06 as you would with any other b-bag. I am incredibly happy with my Ink City, and think the leather is absolutely TDF:love::love::love:
  13. 0o0o0o0o FUN more b-bag lovers!!!!

    i totally agree get the FIRST in the black and get an INK in the CITY!!!! oh you're so luck that you've got a white FIRST!!!

    woo hoo b-bags!!!!