Dilema-Mini Paddy vs Quilted Bay

  1. In the early half of next year i'm off on holiday and have been allowed to buy a new bag while there (we're off to New York.) I'm in love with my paddington so def going to be looking for a Chloe, but not sure what to go for.

    I have been dying for a mini paddy for months, they are too cure and I have a serious shortage of small bags suitable for taking out. The mini paddy also seems big enough to use int eh day if u've not much to carry.

    However I'm also falling in love with the quilted bay. This is probably the bag I would get the most use out of because of its size and I do already have a paddy....

    Hmmm just torn, what do u ladies think?
  2. Go for the Quilted Bay...it's a timeless design,holds a suprising amount of stuff ,is really comfortable to carry and just gets better & better looking with age.I've had more compliments on my Quilted Bays than any other bag I've ever had !:smile:
  3. ^Tag - how did I know you would say that??? I vote for the quilted Bay. But that is me - which one excites you the most? You can get the other one later down the line! Think BOTH!
  4. I prefer the mini paddy. Although I have several Chloe purses, the mini paddy is the one I always grab! :yes:
  5. ^ Forgot to add, I carry mine day or night! It really depends on how much stuff you typically carry with you.
  6. mini paddy! they are just TOO adorable. Mine's on my desk right now so I can always see her. I don't have the heart to even put her in a drawer.
  7. I have a mini (only Chloe so far)... I love her, though she is a bit smal...
    If I were to make this purchase, I would chose a Bay for a change... It is a stunning bag...
    As DIv said, you can get both... just choose one now and another one later on...
  8. He he, you laides are wicked telling me to get both. My husband will not like that idea at all :p The idea is, however, growing on me.

    I am still torn on which to get first, despite all ur helpful comments. I think i need pics....Can anyone provide???

    Ta X
  9. Cat
    with so many sales going on, you could probably get both for the same price you'd pay in New York. Unless you get lucky and find a sale in a store where they have what you want (color and style). Of course, going and touching them and handling them is great fun!'

    I love the mini, but it is a tad small. If you're going to wait until you go to NY and actually get to see them IRL, you'll know when you try them on which one(s) you have to have!!
  10. Hi Cat,
    I have posted photos of my Bay family in the 'All About The Bay' thread on the Chloe reference forum. Check them out. Also both Sacoche and AlohaRag have fantastic Chloe sales on at the moment so you might bag one (or two) great bargains if you move quickly!;)
  11. I just bought a black mini-paddy! i love it and it's so cute! i have a bigger size paddington front pocket satchel and this new mini is a great size when you don't have loads and loads to carry.

    i think ther best thing is to go to harvey nicks or selfridges (or harrods or the chloe store if you're near london) and try them out. then you'll know which one feels right.

    good luck!