DILEMA: is two LV neverfulls to much

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  1. Hello so I currently own a damier ebene neverfull mm and a speedy. I notice I use my neverfull a lot more and I really like the classic monogram and how I could use the inside pouch as a wristlet . However is spending 1300$ on something I already have unnecessary and should just keep saving for a Prada saffiano perhaps ?
  2. I have 3. You can never have too many :smile:
  3. Yes it probably is unnecessary...but if you want it, get it! I have 3 NFs. They are great bags.
  4. I don't think two neverfulls it too much. I have a Neverfull MM and hoping to get a GM in the future. A lot of people here have many neverfulls in different prints in their collection. I say buy what you love and what works for you. :smile:

    I wouldn't suggest a Prada Saffiano though. I've noticed that their resale value is very low if that matters to you.
  5. I went through the same thing until I got my 2nd, then 3rd LOL No regrets at all!
  6. If a bag works with you, stick with it. And having 2 can mean switching out which gives your beloved DE neverful a break. Win/win!:smile:
  7. No way. Go for it.
  8. Yes 3 here too!
    Monogram Azur and Ebene all size MM
  9. You ladies are great! I'm expecting so maybe an organizer and using these would be ideal!!
    Now the question is which one!?!



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  10. I have 4 lol!
  11. I have two. Both in mm size - Ebene and monogram. I have different usages for them depending on the weather so it works out well for me
  12. Pink for sure! I love the pop of color
  13. I have 4.... So NOPE! One is never enough! Go for the color!!! I never once regretted the mono/mimosa :smile:
  14. +1 :graucho: