dilema, dilema ... gold vs silver

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  1. okay people - i need your advice. I wear a lot of silver jewellery ... but my recent aquisitions (camila and mayfair) both have a lot of gold bling ... so my question is:

    can you wear silver jewellery with your gold toned bag? because up until now ive only been wearing my prada cervo lux cause every day i get dressed and it seems to be a silver day!

    now, im not talking lots of bling ... im talking a ring, a bangle and a chain .... what are your thoughts?

  2. Sure you can!
  3. I'd say yes, you can mix and match! Otherwise, I need a new engagement ring and wedding band (they're both platinum) since I like gold hardware better on my bags :tup:
  4. okay cool! thats my prob! i prefer gold hardware too yet the tiffany ring that my boy gave me on my 30th is silver! thanks gals - tomorrow i am rockin' my gold hardware mayfair and my silver chain!
  5. I never match my bags to ANYTHING I'm wearing, including jewelry -- I'd drive myself nuts if I tried to match my bags to my clothing AND jewelry!! So the answer is yes, I've worn silver jewelry when I carry my bags w/gold hardware and gold jewelry when I carry my bags w/silver hardware.
  6. I am the culprit here. I must match my hardware to my Jewelry.:shame:
  7. ITA! I like to carry the bag I am feeling! So, I don't much worry about if my clothes, jewelry, & bag coordinate.
  8. Last weekend I wore a bag with gold hardware. I put on silver earrings.
    Before i left I took one last look in the mirror---and realized I didn't like the two together. I change to gold earrings and felt that looked better.
  9. I don't worry about it. Actually never even thought about it. Some of my bags have gold hw & some silver hw. All of my jewelry is gold. So I don't have a choice. But I'm fine with it.:smile:
  10. Depending on the shade of the golden jewelery, I think it can give a nice effect! I would also no worry about mixing!
  11. I never worry about matching handbag hardware to my jewelry. I would most definitely go nuts. The rings I wear are all platinum or white gold, as is a diamond pendant I always wear. As long as the "bling" is not overboard, I think it's fine to mix it up.
  12. i rarely ever wear jewelry, but when i do, i would never think to match my bag's hardware to it. too matchy, matchy. i'm more concerned whether the color of my bag complements my outfit, if i need a shoulder bag to be hands-free that day, big or small, a bag i won't mind getting wet if it rains, etc.

    i definitely prefer gold to silver, but fall 08 brushed silver looks :tup:.
  13. I'm a complete psycho about this issue. I don't wear a lot of jewelry but when I do I HATE that it does not match. I know it's not really noticeable, and that I am the only one thinking about it, but it drives me crazy!
    The thing I will NOT do is wear hardware on other clothing and accessories that does not match. Like I have a pair of cute little flats with a buckle on the toe and it's SILVER. . .I can not bring myself to wear these shoes when I am wearing a stam, never, never, never. I have only worn these shoes with bags with silver or neutral hardware. I even don't like to wear my leather jacet with my stams because the zippers are antiqued.
    I actually think maybe I'm just experiencing hardware overload. It's why I haven't actually purchased a Christy yet though I LOVE the bag.
    This issue bothers me WAY more than it should, LOL.
    I'll stop now.
  14. this is what im like!!! exactly. Except that i have bought bags with hardware that goes against what i nomally wear. But im the same with shoes ... and ... cant believe im gonna say this ... eye shadow. I tend to wear either grey/silver (not sparkly!) or muted antiqued gold ... argh!
    Maybe i should just go against the grain and try it? crazy! :yes: