Dilema: Denim Pleaty or Mono Canvas Speedy

  1. Hihi! Just a week or 2 ago I wanted to start my LV collection with a french purse. Now I that I've seen all these pics here and have gone to the LV store a couple of times, I want a purse as well! Dilema is, I've always wanted the denim pleaty which is kinda out of my budget...but I also realllly like the mono speedy 25! I know they're both different but I only have money for one right now!

    Which do you think is better as a starter LV piece? Mono speedy 25 or a 2nd hand denim pleaty (if I can find one). Help :shrugs:
  2. Mono speedy 25..is a classic bag!
  3. My vote is for the Speedy. It's a great first bag.
  4. Speedy 25 because youll get more use out of it in the beginning...get the denim pleaty later!
  5. Go with the speedy 25. The price is great so you can ease into your new LV addiction. The wears well, has tons of room. Not to mention every LV collection must have at least one speedy. The denim pleaty is not an everyday bag. If you are addicted to LV(if you're not quite there yet you will be soon) you will want to carry an LV bag everyday. The speedy is better suited if you only have one LV bag. Not to mention you can get 2 speedys for the price of one pleaty.
  6. I like the Denim Pleaty more.
  7. denim pleaty wins in terms of design!

    was never a fan of mono or speedy! I like a bag that goes on my shoulder easily.

    pleaty's a more young and fresh design while the mono speedy is a classic and more affordable but a bag that everyone has.

    go for the pleaty if you want to be stylish but know that you might be bored of it sooner and it costs a bit more.
  8. I say the speedy 25! i LOVE mine!
  9. OK! I've decided to get the mono speedy sometime this week!!! :yahoo: Thanks guys!
  10. If you change your mind- get the denim pleaty-
  11. Congrats, good choice!
  12. congrats!! the pandora speedy is indeed a CLASSIC bag. :smile::yes::smile:
  13. I'm going to ask my friend who likes in HK how much the speedy 25 is. Her mom is coming back in April so it's perfect timing!
  14. I vote Speedy! It's a classic!
  15. Mono Speedy is more classic. I affraid to carry Denim, it can be faded