Dilema about reporting website that sells fakes...any suggestions?

  1. Sorry – this is a long post…

    So one of my good friends moved away a couple years ago and we kinda drifted apart. She was recently back home visiting and I met up with her for dinner to catch up. Just to give you some background – she is into designer items but doesn’t really know how to tell the difference between authentic and fake. She has bought fakes in NYC thinking that she is buying the real thing and will be proud that she saved so much money or found such a good deal. I’ve tried in the past to discourage her or to explain the difference but she just doesn’t care. She doesn’t understand spending so much money when you can get the same purse for $30. For the sake of friendship we pretty much agreed to disagree and never really discussed our purchases.

    Well anyway – I was using my LV mini looping when we went to dinner and she made a comment about never seeing that style before. So I said I bought it online and thought that would be the end of the discussion. But then she asked me how much I paid and I said I couldn’t remember but she was really persistent so I told her around $300. Then she told me that I got a bad deal and started telling me about the website that her husband created that sells mostly mens sneakers but also sells handbags and sunglasses and that I should check it out because I could find much better deals on his website. So knowing her history of not being able to tell fake-vs-authentic I played dumb and started asking her questions about what brands, prices, etc. She said mostly LV but some Chanel and Gucci too. I asked her if they were real and she said yes – her husband has a contact who gets the seconds from the factory, etc. Still playing dumb I said how I thought that you couldn’t buy real LV online except for eLuxury and she said that can’t be true because his are authentic and they come with authenticity cards. I don’t doubt for a second that her husband knows they are fake but he told her they are authentic and that is what she believes. At that point I kinda let the topic drop because I was fuming and didn’t want to get into it with her in the middle of a restaurant. I think she really believes that the merchandise is authentic.

    I checked out the website and it is mostly LV and definitely fakes. I’m not sure about the sneakers since I don’t know anything about that stuff. So now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to confront her because I don’t think it will go anywhere. But I also don’t want to report the website and have it tracked back to me. I’m not going to post the website because I don’t want to promote it in any way…

    What do you guys think I should do? I know everyone is going to say report it – but is there a way to report it anonymously? And if so how? I just don’t want it tracked back to me because she is a good friend and I really do believe that she has no idea that her husband is selling fakes…Plus I don't know if reporting it will actually accomplish anything.

    Mods – feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong spot. I chose LV since most of purses on the website are LV.
  2. maybe you could try talking to her again tell her they are definately fake just the fact they come with authenticity cards proves it real LV's ironically don't. Explain to her she can be arrested and lose everything not to mention go to jail.

    If you still don't get through to her there is a campaign called fakes are never in fashion run inconjunction by Harpers magazine you can report it through this without having to give your details.
  3. Eeek... hopefully one day she can buy the real thing and actually see/feel the difference in quality/craftsmanship.

    If you want... I can report the website for you?
  4. I will check out that Harper's campaign to report it.

    John - thanks for the offer. I will PM you the website. I have no idea if the sneakers, etc are fake but the bags definitely are.
  5. That is a tough issue. Luckily my good friends love LV bags too. My best friend worked at LV for over 6 years, so I surely don't have to worry about her carrying a fake ;)
  6. An LV rep messaged me back with this:

    "Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxxx,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    We do share your concern regarding the sale of counterfeit and replica
    Louis Vuitton merchandise. Therefore, your message has been transmitted
    to the Louis Vuitton Intellectual Property Department. We have an
    anticounterfeiting coordinator in each country who deals with such
    potential forgery. We thank you for your conscientious efforts to assist
    Louis Vuitton in this matter.

    We are looking forward to your next visit on our web site,

    Best regards,

  7. Good Job John.. This might help another innocent from been cheated again.. Sorry Carrie. i hope i nv face ur prob.. My bro just returned from bangkok. He said there are an abundance of fake designer bags.. :tdown:
  8. well i do hate people who sell fake and feel like reporting but when i think of the person selling fake bag maybe they sell faked bag to support their family ? well its really dilemma and maybe if you report it they lost their job and cant support their family ?? :sad: i mean i not siding them....so when i see people selling fake i dont care as long as you yourself dun support will do :smile: