dilema about my balenciaga

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  1. Hi guys,
    I have just purchased a "Sahara" part time with GSH and am a bit confused and wondering if I should return it. I do have other designer bags and this is my second balenciaga (first one got ruined the first time I wore it). I need your opinion. PLEASE HELP! should I keep or return????
  2. Why you chose sahara at the first place and now got confused? Sahara is a beautiful color but for me it's too light! If you think you can't babysit it then better return.
  3. What is exactly wrong with the bag?
  4. How did the first one get ruined? Are you having second thoughts about the color? Or style? Sahara GGH sounds like a gorgeous combo, but I personally stay away from the lighter colors because my Bbags get dirty easily. If you don't have to return it right away, I'd keep it for a few more days and see if you change your mind. Good luck!
  5. what happened? Too light or too small?
  6. Can't really advise without knowing why you are thinking of returning it. Don't you like it or are you scared of it getting ruined like the first one?
  7. How did you ruin your bag the first time you used it?
  8. Return it if you don't love it, or are unsure about it in any way.
  9. Is it the shape you're not fond of, or the colour? I agree with Skyblueday that if you don't love it, or are unsure, return it. These are expensive little treasures, and not worth it to hang onto if you're not positive. If it's the colour, sometimes I feel that GSH on Sahara gives it a cool toned look which I don't care for as much, and like others have said, it is a lighter colour which will require more care.
  10. If you have to ask, it should go back. For this amount of $$, it should be :heart: at first sight!
  11. ^^ ITA! You gotta feel the :heart:

    Hold out for something that really makes you :wtf: