Digital SLR Camera help/suggestions please..

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  1. I'm in the market for a digital SLR camera. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. Same here!
  3. If you really want to read a lot of in depth info, this site is very useful:

    I have a Canon PowerShot SD500 and love it because of its small size. I bought it last summer for about $400. The model is probably now obsolete, but in general I really like Canon digital cameras. I did try models from Sony, Pentax and Casio, but always went back to the Canon for best color.

    I'm definitely no camera expert (still can't figure out a lot of features on my camera!) but just love digital cameras! And I really do prefer buying them at Costco (see that other thread on Fendi Spy at Costco!) as if there is a problem, you can return it and there is no crazy 30 day return/restock policy like some other stores!

    Good luck!
  4. I have a Nikon D100 and it takes fantastic photos. I love it!!
  5. the nikon d50 is pretty good too and cheap. 650 with a lens.
  6. Oh..and I already own a Canon powershot s400. I love it, but looking for an SLR camera!

    looks like they only have the body now. you have to purchase the lens separately unless you want to get the package for 900. bleh.

    i got my bf his for 650 with the lens for christmas. i think they must have ran out of stock for it.

    but for 500 just for the body is pretty decent. you can just buy the lens elsewhere.
  8. i never tried the olympus brand. i usually like sticking with nikons...
  9. i have an olympus e-300 which I bought when it first came out and that's what i used to take my choc paddy. it's a bit cheaper now.
    i also have a canon Powershot SD550 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera that i have in my purse all the time. has reviews on cameras by users. good luck looking for one!
  10. What about the Canon Rebel? I'm in a Creative Photo Group w/ some really talented gals and they SWAER by it!
  11. I have the Canon Rebel XT and it's wonderful. The body is so much more lightweight than a traditional SLR. The auto setting is great, and is what I use most, but you can do all kinds of arty, low-light things with it too and it's wonderful. I especially like that I can focus on incredibly close things. I couldn't get with a foot of anything with my Sony Cybershot.

    I have to take photos of houses all of the time as part of my job as a real estate agent, and this camera really delivers. It takes great snapshots of my soon-to-be four year old too!
  12. Thanks all! I'm going to do more research and will look at the Canon Rebel XT!
  13. That is a great camera. I have alot of friends who have it (having taken Photo-J) My next camera purchase will most likely be the Nikon D2X. But at the moment I shoot with a Nikon D1 which has been discontinued. Its a lovely first digital camera, as far as professional camera's go.
  14. Canon Digital Rebel is great! Good luck on your search :smile: