Digital Perms in Hong Kong

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  1. Hi All

    i'll be going to Hong kong in a couple of months and am hoping to get a digital perm done whilst out there. Can anyone recommend a decent salon where i can get it done and the language barrier won't be a proper as my cantonese will let me down.


  2. hm.. I don't think I can help you, but I was wondering what a digital perm is? :smile:
  3. when i went hong kong, i got a straight perm too. However, the salon i went to wasnt that great since the hair on my side wasnt that straight, i was somewhat disappointed

    BTW, when you ask the salon for a price range for the perm, try not to let them know you arent from hong kong, or else they might set a really high price.
  4. I go to Mongkok branch of IOU salon the 3 times I have been back to Hong Kong. Can google them. But I have never spoken English to them.
    They do a good job and it's cheap enough that I don't bother trying cheaper ones. The basic price is $220 for straight perm. ~$400 for perm, cut & color. But I always "upgrade" the chemical (between $100-$400 more, I always just choose to upgrade $200). So in the end it's ~$600.
  5. Choco,

    Are you talking about $600 US dollars or HK dollars?
  6. I think its $600HKD

    Perms in HK are pretty cheap =)
  7. so where did u get your perms from? i am going to hong kong too end of this month and badly need advice
  8. You should be able to find a lot of salons in Mongkok. If you want a high end one, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and Causeway Bay (in HK Island)

    Just did a quick search at HK Yahoo.
    Salon Esprit looks cool (
    If you want something cheaper .. maybe Noble Hair at TST (
    Have fun in HK .. I miss HK!
  9. I recommend IOU as well. I go to the one in Causeway Bay instead of Mongkok but the prices are the same and I find the results very good. I've tried a straight perm and a body wave perm and have been very happy with the results!
  10. I will be staying in the East Tsim Sha Tsui area in HK later this month. Does anyone know any good salons in that area and if any are English-speaking? Also, when you guys mention "high-end", how much are we talking here for a digital perm? I'm from the U.S., so I'm not too familiar with the pricing, but heard it should be cheaper than getting it done in Cali. Thanks!
  11. I wished I had gotten my digital perm in Hong Kong when I was there in January. But the idea didn't pop in my head till after I came back.
  12. Anyone know of good salons in Kowloon with reasonable prices? I think anything there will be cheaper than getting it done in the U.S.