Digital Perm in SF?

  1. There's another thread asking where this can be done in NY, now I need to know the places that do this here in the Bay Area. Anybody have any places they recommend? Thanks a lot.
  2. Never been but the reviews look good. What's a digital perm?
  3. ive only been introduced to this idea yesterday, as i was searching thru the threads. i believe it's like these loose waves and not actual perms (like real curly ones).
  4. interesting. i also see girls w/ nice wavy hair and wondered how they did it
  5. so im guessing digital perms are only for girls with naturally STRAIGHT hair... =X i have curly hair and have to straighten my hair with a straightening iron and then curl the ends to make it look like that digital perm.......... damn i want it! =(
  6. Ooh. That sounds beautiful. If you do this, I would love to see pictures. I'm imagining curls like Kate Hudson.
  7. digital perm kind of makes it look like your curled your hair with a large curling iron, it's really pretty but my friend got this done and it KILLED her hair! i hope it works out better for you!
  8. yah ill post pics when i do it. it wont be during the next month tho coz i dont think i to want to take the risk before Thanksgiving and CHristmas time'll have to be after then! (assuming of course that the hairdresser says it's ok to do this to my hair and that it turns out okay hehehe) if you guys checked the link i posted above, one of the reviews was from a lady who couldn't get one because the the guy that does it said it won't work for her hair =(