Digital Cameras

  1. Am looking to get one. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand or type to get

    I am looking to spend 100 to 250 , trying not to go over this.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Hi Heavensent!

    I have a SONY Cybershot, 4.1 Mega Pixels. I think by now they're probably around $250-$300. Its small, easy to use, and the quality is excellent. Its come with me all over the world and I've never had a problem.

    Here's the best advice I have for buying a digital camera: Do NOT get one with a huge LCD screen. (A) LCD screens are always the first thing to go out on a camera (B) Sucks the battery life right out. While it might seem neat, I would rather have longer battery life than a big screen on the back of my camera!
  3. Canon Powershot A620 is on sale at 6th ave for $206. it's 7.1 mp and got good bf and i bought one for his mom yesterday for her birthday. you can look at for reviews on cameras.
  4. I love Canon cameras. *TO ME* they're very high quality and are definitely worth the money. I've got an SD110 (I think that's the number) that I bought at J&R's on sale about 2 years ago (It's 3MP) and it works great!
  5. I have a Canon powershot, and I love it. Use to find the best deal if you have a price range in mind.
  6. for me, i'd go with either Nikon or Canon.

    if you want more perks with your cam (ie manual controls, iso, shutter and aperture speed) - i would suggest canon a series.

    if you just want plain 'ol point and shoot digital cam - id say go with nikon/canon.

    i personally have the canon sd500. i totally love it, although it doesnt give me that much controls in regards of the settings, but it's great nonetheless. :yes:

    for reviews -
  7. thanks everyone
  8. I have a Sony Cybershot and a Canon D10. I don't know what the Sony runs for now but it's a great little camerea. Been thru heck and back and it works great
  9. I have an Olympus Stylus 600. It does the job well so I can't complain.
  10. I have a Canon SD450 and it works great! I still have my Sony cybershot T7 which is now retired and back in its box because I could never get it to take good pics.
  11. I bought the Casio Exilim 5. I love it! It has rechargeable batteries, a dock, and a huge LCD screen. I use it all the time and only charge it maybe once every month. It has lots of cool features and I can switch to manual focus. It's tiny and fits in my back pocket if necessary.

    The only thing I wish it had is nightvision, since I use it a lot when I'm out. I hate flash photos in nightclubs.
  12. I would choose a canon powershot model (there's a lot of them). My husband bought one and loves it.