Digital Camera -What do YOU have?

  1. Im in the market for a new digital camera because Im tired of constantly sharing one with my family. It dissapears for a day or two and several of the memory cards are full. It drives me nuts! I cant even take pictures of my bags. :lol:

    There are so many camera designs to choose from and its always changing -Im baffled from where to start searching.
    Im not looking for anything professionaly just a simply and affordable camera that has a moderate resolution for beautiful pictures.

    So, which camera do you have and could you provide an example of some pros and cons. Even better if you could provide a snapshot!

    Thanks~ :flowers:
  2. I got the Canon s700 about a month ago. I just love it! It's tiny, has a nice viewfinder and has the anti-shake technology. Those are all the pros.

    The only con is the cost. But, I've always had Canon's and they last and have a great re-sale value!

    It takes great closeups...

    Here's a few I've taken with it:
    Clasp.jpg YSLhardware ST.jpg horn momb.jpg time square.jpg
  3. I ADORE my 5 MP Kodak EasyShare C360 :love: I got it this past black Friday at Best Buy and my friend has a Kodak as well that she loves. And the memory cards you can pick up pretty cheap at Best Buy on sale pretty often :smile:
  4. I have a GREAT camera!
    I wanted soemthing inexpensive {because I like a new one every so often! LOL!}, something w/ an fab battery and something that is quick since I have twin boys.
    I chose the Fuji Finepix F10.
    I LOVE photography and shoot a TON of pics and blow them up and play w/ them in PS.
    This camera ROCKS! The battery lasted me 5 days at Disney, no charging. It starts immediately when you turn it on and in between photos it's SO super quick!
    It's 6.3 MP so I can blow up photos clearly and zoom in as well!
  5. I have a Sony Cybershot 7.2 megpixels(?).

    It's ok coz it's small, but I miss the "ZOOM IN" of my film camera and I don't like the hesitation.

    Thinking about SLR and extra lens, but that's going to be $2000+.

    So, depends what you're looking for? Speed, zoom?
  6. The best snap shot cameras are definately from Canon. Followed by Canon, probably Sony. Canon makes really, really great cameras! I recommend the SD400.

    There's no need to get a camera that has an absurd amount of megapixels unless you plan on printing out door-size posters. People have a misconception that megapixels correlates to picture quality, which it does not.
  7. I just got a Panasonic digital with Leica lens, 6 megapixels, anti-shake technology, a bunch of settings, including one called "food"... I love it, takes great pictures, is small, great battery life, huge screen on the back...and this black looks pretty cool, too!!

    I got it at Costco.
  8. I have an Olympus. I got so many comments on it when I took it with me to Disney. They loved the clarity and the screen size.
  9. I have a Canon R717. It's really easy to use, takes great pictures and I love it!
  10. Mine is being repaired. I have a Canon, but I was thinking of getting a Nikkon. Any Nikkon owners?
  11. I have a Kodak Easy Share C330 and love it!
  12. I have a Kodak Easyshare C340. I love's small and it has the printing dock!
  13. I have a Sony cybershot for snapshots. It's small and simple to use and produces nice photos - and even better - up to 15 second movies. I love that feature; it was especially great to email short movies of my son learning to walk to our parents. And if you do scuba diving or snorkeling, you can get a water-resistant case for it - it takes great underwater photos.

    My more serious camera is a Canon Rebel XT. Great price (around $900) and all the features one would want in a digital SLR camera. I can switch lenses and it's very lightweight.
  14. I was using a Nikon Coolpix 4300 adn it was terrible.
    It was S L O W and it drained the battery SO fast. I kept 2 charged all the time and it still would barely last me a weekend - yes, the camera drained 3 batteries over the course of a weekend!

    I do want to contradict a little on that.
    If you like to shoot photos and then crop them or zoom in on them while editing, you do need a healthy amount of MPs.
    That's my main reason for always choosing the most MP's I can in conjunction w/ the other features I am looking for.
  15. I have the Canon Rebel. Love it!!! It's bulky, so it's not ideal when it comes to tossing it into your handbag, but the photo quality is amazing. :yes:

    We also have Sony Cybershot and I use that if I need a "tiny" camera for quick pics, but the quality doesn't compare to the Canon Rebel.

    I had a Kodak Easyshare (DX4330 I believe) and it took pretty impressive quality shots and was relatively easy to use.