Digital Camera Help

  1. I currently have a Nikon Coolpix 7600 digital camera, that I just don't like very much lol. If it is not outside lighting, it takes forever to take a picture, which sucks because it's hard to keep a good face while you're waiting like 5 seconds for the camera to just take the dang picture!

    I was looking into the Sony dsc w50. At Best Buy, it seemed like a pretty good little camera, and only $199! I paid a llooot more for my Nikon because I had gotten it when it first came out. I see they are selling for only $199 now so I'm kinda bummed.

    Soooo. Does anyone have the Sony one?

    Any other advice? I want something that takes pictures fast! and maybe that cool feature that focuses on one thing and kinda blurs out background stuff..

  2. I'm a photographr and you get what you pay for. My latest aqusition was a Nikon D80 and its around 1k$ and its the only camera i've been completely satisfied with. You don't have to spendd 1000$ BUT a camera is an investment.
  3. I totally understand that, but I just want it to take pictures of my friends and I, and my bags lol. I don't really need something TOO fancy, ya know.

    I guess I just want to know if the sony one takes fast pictures lol. Thanks for your advice though!
  4. i ahve a sony dsc-t9 (i think it's t9, lol) and a canon sd630. i paid around 400 for both.

    the canon one does all that blurring, focusing on one color and making the rest grey scale, photoshop stuff. haha.

    i don't go anywhere without either one!
  5. Hey thanks for replying!
    I still have not decided what to get..I guess dreaming of new purses gets in the way of cameras,esp since I already have a working one..
  6. I can relate - I have the same issue lol!

    Can anyone tell me if the SD600 can take good close ups? Use the macro? (I don't know much about cameras) Thanks.
  7. Low-end digital cameras are notorious for shutter lag. My Canon S2IS is troublesome,and it was not cheap. Here's a page that shows how to reduce the shutter lag somewhat:

    Dealing With Digital Camera Lag
  8. i have the sony dsc-w70, which is one higher than the one you're looking at, and i like it! it's the perfect camera to take along with you everywhere because it's small. the pictures are nice and clear, even in darker lighting. of course, it's far from a professional camera, but just for taking pictures of friends and being able to take it with you does the job!