digital camera help!

  1. i need to buy a new camera and i'm just lost looking at all these cameras! i currently have a kodak that i bought years ago that's only 3.1 mp's! so i know for sure that i need something much higher than that!

    i'm looking at these two right now: Fuji - FinePix 7.3MP Digital Camera - A700 and Kodak - EasyShare 7.1MP Digital Camera - C743

    i have NO idea what brand(s) are good...does it even matter with the quality of the pictures? any suggestions?
  2. Most likely you'll never need to use the 7 megapixels so you could save money and get something around 5, if you're mostly using the camera for 4x6 pics and the occasional enlarged photo. If you're going to be doing a lot of digital editing maybe then the larger, but for just casual use, you def. don't need anything higher. More important things to spend the extra $ on are things like the optical zoom (more important than digital zoom) and any other extra features you may be looking at. If you already have a camera maybe you'd like a camera that is compatible with the kind of memory you're currently using instead of having to buy all new memory along with the new camera.

    They have camera reviews here: Digital Camera Reviews and News: Digital Photography Review: Forums, Glossary, FAQ

    My personal preference is for canon cameras.
  3. see, the only reason i picked out those two listed above is because they're higher mp and a lower price (about the same as a 5 or 6 mp). now, that's all well and good...but is there a reason they're so much cheaper?!

    and i dont mind buying new memory. for some reason, my memory card is only 128mb.

    i'll look into some canon. thanks!!!
  4. I don't know why those would be cheaper, just looked and they are pretty inexpensive. Might want to go to best buy and try holding them too. See if you like the size, feel, weight, etc. My bf has a fugi and really likes his. I find his to be too large for some of my 'going out' purses, so it really isn't useful for me. I don't remember what model he has though, sorry! Before that he had a kodak and was perfectly happy with that too.
  6. i'm looking at a sony cyber shot right now (i'm flipping through all the sunday ads, lol). circuit city has it for $229 with a free memory 1gb memory buy has it for $199. SO, i can do a price match at circuit city for $199, plus get that memory card! hehe. and the reviews look good on it, too.
  7. My husband bought a Canon SD800 IS (digital elph) in October, and that camera is awesome. The pictures are amazing and it does well with videos too. Two of his coworkers liked his camera so much that they've bought the same one. This is by far the best digital camera we have ever had.
  8. I'm buying the Canon A630 right now, LOADS of amazing reviews and has it super cheap - $234
    I think it has 8 MP{?}, also has good zoom features and also is supposed to be really quick.

    I need a lot of MPs because I like to crop after I take photos and I only print 5x7 and larger.
    If you get something w/ more than 6 MPs, make sure top get at least a 1 gb memory card.

    I loved the way my Fuji worked when it worked, but I haven't been able to get one to last me more than 13 mos yet :sad:
  9. so i'm assuming the powershot cameras are good and worth the extra money?
  10. i would only buy nikon or leica camera :p
    it's my thing, as i opposed on apple than pc :yes:
  11. I have one and it is awesome.
    I used to have a fuji Finepix and it was horrible. No matter who was taking the picture, almost all of them turned out blurry under certain lighting.
  12. which cybershot is it? i have the dsc-w70. i just bought it in october and i love it! it's a great little camera, can take it anywhere. the pictures are nice, clear, and bright. and you can fit a ton of pictures on a 1gb memory card.
  13. You see price discrepancies due to differences in numbers of features and quality of optics. Canon and Nikon have outstanding optics. That said, it's all about the kinds of pictures you want to take. Most any camera can take decent quality daylight snapshots. Indoor and night shots are much more iffy. I like to do a lot of macro photography, and my Canon S2IS was an excellent choice for that, and it has a 12x optical lens, which gives me decent telephoto shots. I also have a small Sony Cybershot DSCP100 for more informal photography, when I just want to stick the camera in my pocket.
  14. i'm just trying to figure out if the extra $ is worth it, you know?

    and i'm fighting with myself...get what i really want, even though it's more expensive. or get the cheaper one because i'm running low on funds.
  15. and is it totally stupid to buy a camera just because it's pink?!