Digital Camera HELP please...

  1. :crybaby:= helen right now...

    Hi everyone

    My digital camera is playing up... I've had it for less than a year.

    The problem is that its making a funny sound when I turn it on and when you look at the LCD screen it's shaken'... shaken like it's having a party!

    I know I haven't dropped my camera because I'm such an anal freak when it comes to my camera - I haven't thrown my bag down with my camera in it or anything...

    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with it? :sad:

    I'm so sad, I can't get it fixed for free since I bought it while I was in Los Angeles last year - it's less than a year old! :sad:

    Look forward to hear from you guys!!! :graucho:
  2. I can't tell you anything but wanted to say HEEEY! I miss you girl!
  3. what brand of camera is it?
  4. If it is less than a year old, it should still have a manufacturers warranty on it. Pls. post the manufacturer and model number :smile:
  5. I have a Konica Minolta and the same thing happened to me. I didn't drop or do anything wrong to it... One day when I turned it on, it just didn't focus.... I bought a new camera!
  6. I would see if it is still under warranty. If it is, I would send it back to the manufacturer and see if they can repair it or give you a replacement. If it's not, I would take it to a camera repair shop.
  7. Oh Helen, I feel for you! I ran into this thread and hoped it answered my problem, but yours should still be under warranty. Can you go on-line for your brand and look up repair info and maybe something specific to your model # too. I suspect mine is "faulty owner" syndrome!:rolleyes:

    Nice to see you again!
  8. Something similiar happened to my Canon Powershot. The LCD screen went completely black and I kept getting an error message. Apparently this is pretty comon amongst Canons. Even though you haven't dropped it, maybe some dust or small particle made its way into the lens, which is why this is happening?
  9. HEY - thanks for the replies everyone!!! I got so upset about this I went into a tail spin...

    my camera is a T20 SONY CYBERSHOT... it's still shaking its groove on! :o( I spoke to the SONY people here in NZ they said they can't do anything about it since I bought it in Los Angeles last year! :o\ what a croc of crap... I'm going to take it in this weekend and demand some answers or something..

    THANKS again for all your replies... *hugs*

    HI Swanky I've miss ya too :o)