Digital camera case?

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  1. My BF's parents got me a digicam this year and yesterday BF asked me if Coach or kate spade makes camera cases and I honestly didn't know. I told him I don't think so but I'd ask around. He saw that Coach, kate spade and other designers have iPod cases and he insisted that there has to be a digicam case. I just slipped my digicam into a wristlet and showed that to him. He wasn't impressed of course cause he wants to make sure it's padded well and it can hold the acessories like the cable wires and stuff.

  2. i was going to suggest the wappity but you beat me to it! it's adorable.
  3. I put my Canon Powershot in a Coach mini cosmetic case and it works out fine as long as I don't drop it on the floor.
  4. Thanks you guys! I have never seen the wapputy and it looks lovely! Thanks for the link madeline! That is too cute!

    I will let BF know. He just might get that or go with a Coach mini cosmetic case. I told him last night that I don't think Coach or kate spade makes specific digicam bags but I have heard some girls fit it alright in their mini cosmetic cases. Thanks Irissy!
  5. The perfect case for my small Sony P200 is the Coach small makeup bag. I can even fit an ID in it for when I go to bars and such -- pictures, ID, cash, it all fits and cushions the camera. :smile: HTH!
  6. Thanks! I will definitely check into it. I told him all the possibilities and he got a bit overwhelmed for a minute but he's looking at pics of all the possibilities now!