Dig this...

  1. I have been a webmaster for many years now, and I visit a webmaster forum regularly... someone posted an interesting article (which I will share in a minute). I jumped in and said that I was involved with bags and this lady (who works for a large online dating company) asked what I did...

    It works out that she's neighbor of the founder of Botkier. How small the world is... :lol:
  2. OMG! What a small world! What did she say about the purse forum???
  3. She said she'd tell her... maybe I can get in touch with her PR person. Stay tuned!
  4. Very cool! Do I hear discounts for the PF!!! How cool would that be! Now, if we could only find out where the founder of balenciaga resides....:idea:
  5. That's really cool! I wonder if her other neighbor is Isabella Fiore? THAT'D be VERY cool!
    Interesting Vlad!
  6. Wow that sounds great !!!
  7. I dig. That's awesome.
  8. cristobal is dead, but i'd settle for nicolas ghesquiere:love:

    i butchered that spelling, but sorry, i'm not googling it, lol.
  9. This world is far too small... I can tell ya that much!
  10. wow! Vlad thats so cool!!!
  11. awesome! Maybe they can send a rep to that huge purse convention that we'll hopefully eventually have ;)
  12. Wow, that's so cool :biggrin:
  13. Very small world....maybe it's time for a Botkier subforum ;) .
  14. Network like a bad mofo! You go on wid ya bad self! hahahaha! :lol:
  15. oooh!!!! This might be the start of something wonderful!!!