Difficult difficult decision, please help picky girl decide the Picotin!


Beton Picotin size 18 or 22?

  1. Size 18

  2. Size 22

  1. 610D156E-4666-4349-82AA-B9CEBEE25BF3.jpeg 551E1263-B58A-4C2C-880F-F3973602A68A.jpeg I fell in love on my first sight of the beton Picotin with Ghw, my SA have the size 22 available for me, my concern is should I wait for the size 18 or get the 22? It’s not about the size, I owned both size Picos and both works on me, my question is this beton color looks better or Picotin 18 or 22? A small white or larger white purse? This may sound stupid but I had too much regret lately on bag purchases due to size and color, attached are the two photos I found on Instagram, please vote for your choice for me! Thank you
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  2. If size doesn’t matter, which size looks better should be a question to yourself. Buy what makes your heart sing and what you fall in love with.

    How much white would you like to wear on yourself? How well does it go with your wardrobe? When do you use it and what occasion?

    In general I prefer white color on small purses for spring and summer.
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  3. Thank you for your reply, Light color fills most of my wardrobe, and I think I have my answer after viewing the vote result now, seems most prefer smaller size on a white purse. I will pass the 22 and wait for size 18. It’s really a tough decision to pass it.
  4. you have to make decisions like this for yourself and I think that if you have any concerns, you have your answer; if you let the 22 go and later have regrets, another will come along and you will then be sure
  5. I would have a hard time letting that bag go, just sayin'
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  6. Exactly what I was thinking... I'd probably regret letting it go the minute I left the shop...
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  7. I told me SA my decision this morning and it’s still struggling in my mind now , I agreed with @PJW5813 , I had made some wrong decision last year with big regret, I got a kelly in 32 and birkin 30, what I most wanted was Size 25 or 28, I end up settling accepted my SA offered to the same color and hardware combo but not the size. Lesson learned
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  8. Has to right for YOU

    Meanwhile great to see ghw on a pic
  9. The color is beautiful and a great neutral but prefer it in a smaller bag.
  10. 22 is much more versatile. She’s beautiful... Keep her!
  11. I would like it better in the smaller size