Difficult decision

  1. Hi!:

    I was going to buy "The first" in black, when a shop called "Blanco"(similar to Zara) copied it. And now everybody has that bag. It's so annoying!

    So I decided to buy the box or the twiggy. At least it won't be the same model...What do you think about that?

    Does anybody know how much they (box and twiggy) retail for? What are their dimensions?
  2. If you want to go with a Twiggy or Box because they are more unusual, then go for it. I have several Twiggy's and they are my favourite handbag. In fact, it is so loved by me, that it is the *only* style that I own. They now retail for $1095.

    If you are worried about too many fakes, then the Twiggy is also being copied, by the evidence attached (what?? No clear pics of the bales?? Shocking!!) I can't make it any bigger unfortunately.

    You definitely should check out this site, it has the sizes of the various styles, and their prices. Then scout the rest of the site, it's fantastic!

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    I wish you well,

  3. Thank you!

    What do you think about the mini-twiggy? Do you think is big enough for a mobile phone, an i-pod, keys and a big wallet?
  4. i used to have a mini twiggy, and it can contain my lv medium organizer, lv cles, 2 mobile phones, compact & blusher, ipod & cigarette.
  5. I see...I think that's enough for me.
    I suposse the mini-twiggy is not a common style, is it? Does anybody know if any of this shops: aloha rag, shirise, bobellisshoes have it?
  6. you can contact aloharag at their website...
    good luck :P
  7. I was in their website, but the mini-twiggy doesn't appear. Should I contact them anyway? Because I heart their website it's not update.
  8. Aloha Rag is not carrying any of the mini styles because they are too small to be practical for most people. I asked a couple of months back.

    Neither is LVR. They only have the Shoulder and a couple of mini classiques in grey and magenta. I am not even sure whether the mini styles are still being made.
  9. maybe your only option is ebay?
  10. I don't think the minis are being made anymore, but there are a few stores that still have some in stock... Cricket Liverpool had some mini classiques, so they might have twiggys too, and Susan in SF & Burlingame had quite a few of the small sizes recently.
  11. Hi LP, do you know if Susan does mail order over the phone?
  12. roxane...they definitely will do mail order within the U.S., but I'm not sure about internationally.

    brandolina...I think you should get whichever bag it is that you are in love with...they are all going to be copied eventually!
  13. 0o0o0 you should get a BLACK Twiggy!!! the Twiggy style is GREAT!!!
  14. Thank you!