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  1. I planned a trip to the south of Italy for SEPT 13th..very excited to go.My daughter,age 11,is like glued to me.I normally take her EVERYWHERE I go...even overseas.She is a great kid to travel with and is a super sweetie.
    So Here is my prob.SHe is starting a BRAND NEW PRIVATE School the WEEK BEFORE I leave.A much harder curriculum too.
    I really cant pull her out of a new school for a week to go away.SO i was going to leave her with my friend to watch her.
    She is beside herself worried about starting a new school(she knows NOONE there!)....SO im guilt tripping as to whether I should cancel my trip and wait till later in the year to go away.
    I would of loved to take her with me...BUT not when she is startin a new school....sigh.......
    I had planned this trip BEFORE finding out she was accepted to this private school....so That complicated matters.
    Being a mom has always come first to me...ALWAYS.But I also hold Taylor a bit too close at times too(OK..she is a tad spoiled!LOL!)
    Im seriously leanin towards cancelling till later in the year.Im going to the beach house for a week with her next week too..Just by ourselves.So I will have alone time with her as well.
    **SIGH**Am I nuts to cancel?Im a pretty overprotective parent....But I feel this is super bad timing for my daughter.AND GOD forbid she has probs adjusting to this new school and Im OUT of the country.......
    ANyway..U guys are so super at rationalizing both sides..SO Id love to hear your opinions!
  2. ok, i don't have kids so i can't answer but i know as someone who once was a kid- i would want you to postpone. a new school is such an adjustment and it's not like you're going somewhere that's so clase you can be back in 2 hours. i think taking a trip without her is fine but maybe the timing of this one is too close to the new school. just my 2 cents
  3. That is a tough one. On the one hand, and as a Mom, I can understand the importance of getting away on your own, but as a Mom, I would have a hard time leaving during what could be a difficult adjustment for her.

    Sorry, I know that is no help at all:nogood:
  4. I would postpone. A trip can be taken at any time, but if your daughter has problems adjusting/feels a lack of friends/ is a little bit unhappy during this time, your not being there could have a bad effect on her emotions.
  5. ITA:yes:
  6. I would definitely postpone the trip. It sounds like you two would have alot of fun going together at another time. Even if you don't take her it seems that a less hectic time would be best.
  7. ^^^Me too, you can take the trip anytime...even postpone it until you can both go!
  8. I know.....My friends just think Im tooo overprotective of her...LOL
    I do take her everywhere with me...hehe....She is my little buddy and I could imagine how nervous she will be if Im not here to get her thru the new school jitters.
    OK.Im gonna postpone...sniff..LOL...SHe is my world..I just wanted to make sure I wasnt the only one who thought I shouldnt go too!
    Thanks guys!I always come to all of u!ANd u all make me feel better about my decision!
  9. ITA.
  10. You guys are clearly close why don't you talk to her about it but stress that she tell you truth exactely what she feels
  11. I would postpone with a heavy heart, but Italy is not going anywhere. Good on you, some mums would be off in a shot!Lol!!x
  12. Label is right also, if she doesnt mind, but all kids love their mums so....x
  13. Jill...I would have postponed also!!! I am pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to fully enjoy yourself...if you are worrying about DD!!
  14. as a teacher, i can tell you that your daughter needs you there. she's going to a new school with new children and new teachers. the transition is going to be difficult either way but i think she will be more confident to tackle it if she knew you were there for her.

    it'll also be a new year for the teachers with new children. teachers need all the support they can get from parents too!! the transition goes smoother for children when parents are there to support them.

    your daughter will :heart: you for making the sacrifice for her !! the trip will always be there if you postpone it.
  15. I would postpone too. As so many of said you can take the trip later, but starting this new school on a positive note could make the difference for her experience at the school.
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