Difficult Decision: Teal Brynne or Purple Croc Audrey

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  1. I purchased the teal Brynne during the last PCE. I've been saving the bag for later in the fall, so I haven't used it yet. I love the color, but I'm concerned about how heavy it is. I almost purchased the purple croc Audrey during PCE, but ended up going with the Brynne because it was less expensive and it was teal.

    Well, now that the Audrey is at the outlets, I'm wondering if I should exchange the Brynne for the Audrey. I have another purple bag (violet crinkle patent Hayden-Harnett Havana hobo), but I don't have any other teal bags. I like the croc leather and the size of the Audrey better, but I like the color of the Brynne better. I'm having a very difficult time deciding. What do you ladies think I should do??
  2. The teal Brynne is at the outlet too! comes out to about $300 after tax. You may want to call your outlet and see if they have it or can locate it at another outlet and do a charge send. I found the purple Brynne at the vegas outlet, but I know they are out there. I have the teal Brynne also and love it! I think the leather amazing and the color is a unique pairing with the gunmetal hardware.
  3. I agree, I do like the gunmetal hardware with the teal leather. I would love to have both bags, but even at the outlet prices that's unfortunately not an option right now :sad:
  4. I had the same dilemma here:confused1: Though I loved the color and hardware of the teal Brynne - it sat on my dresser for months, w/tags still attached.... because it is just so big. I finally returned it this week, and bought the croc Audrey - and love, love, love it! The size is just so much more realistic. I bought the ocean teal Mia Maggie - so that satisfied my need for teal. I feel your pain.... it was just so hard to return such a beautiful bag! Good Luck with your decision.
  5. I vote for the croc Audery as well. I love the size. I can see why you're having a hard time deciding though. They are both beautiful bags. Definitely go with the one you will get the most use from.
  6. I have the teal Brynne and I LOVE it! At first I thought it was too big but I thought the Audrey was too small. Now I love the size of both for different reasons. Good luck deciding but I would keep the Brynne.
  7. Well I'd say Audrey, but I just bought the purple croc Audrey so I'm probably a little biased. I love everything about it. The size is perfect.
  8. i would rather have the teal brynne. im not a fan of croc print.
  9. Thank you all for your thoughts. I think the best way for me to decide might be to drive to the outlet and try on the Audrey and walk around the store for a while. Hopefully then I'll have more of a gut feeling about the decision. :thinking:
  10. Good luck! I spent two hours :weird: walking around my outlet with the Brynne and the Audrey trying to decide between the two. I finally went for the Brynne, but when I got home I started to regret not getting the Audrey, so I went back for her. I'm still deciding which one to keep.
  11. Teal Brynne. I am personally tired of seeing the purple croc audrey.
  12. I know what you mean...I think EVERYONE owns this "limied edition" purple audrey!
  13. I happen to think you should try to get Brynne at the outlet. I happen to favor Brynne because not everyone will have this bag.
    Good luck with your decision.
  14. I know the Brynne seems like an Audrey on steroids, but she really is a great bag. I have heard complaints with the croc embossed stuff that you have to worry about the leather cracking and such. I know with the leather on the Brynne she can take a bit more of a beating and still come out on top. Also, the tassel was the deal breaker for me. I agree with one of the posts above, in that you will likely not see the Brynne on anyone else while you are out and about. I bought my Brynne at FP when it first came out and have yet to see anyone with the same bag, even in a different color. I also thought the Audrey was a bit too small for me.
  15. If you love teal, get the brynne. I am yet to own a teal bag that has the perfect size so I'm still hoping to get a nice one