Difficult decision...opinions?

  1. Okay, I am in a quandry because I'm thinking either Damier Azur speedy or Pomme d'amour vernis Roxbury Drive? I'm looking for a summer bag that I can carry every day. And if I get one and not the other which one will be harder to find if I don't buy it right now.

    Any suggestions? :shrugs:
  2. hmm... I'd go for the speedy; damier azur is great for the summer! Isn't it bad for vernis to get really hot? Hmm...I love both, but damier azur is just go summery!!!
  3. I love them both! However, I think that the Damier Azur will work better as an every day bag. Pomme is TDF though! What about a Damier Azur Seedy and a pomme cles?
  4. Get the Pomme Roxbury -- the bag is in such a beautiful color and the Roxbury shape is great -- both hand-held and shoulder strap. Also, the Pomme color is limited and will be discontinued this year. The damier azur is now a part of the permanent collection, so you could always buy it later.
  5. ok, if you can get both bags, i say get the pomme roxbury first, due to pomme being discontinued then get the azur speedy xx
  6. Oh don't you worry, I have several ideas for accessories. :graucho: *wink* But it's funny that you think just like me, lol.
  7. i love the azur.
  8. The Pomme is going to be discontinued later this year, so if you want it, then I'd get it now. I love Azur, but it'll be available later.
  9. Well, Azur is more of a summery bag but that pomme is a WOW bag! If I could get the Pomme I'd go for that!

    Have fun choosing!
  10. I would get the Azur speedy and pomme cles. That way you'll get a little bit of both. I have a pomme bedford, and while it's a beautiful bag, it's not one I can use everyday. You'll get more use out of the Azur speedy.:yes:
  11. Damier Azur!
  12. I would get the Azur but if you're really in love with the Pomme, get it now! It's always better to get any soon to be discontinued items sooner rather than later.
  13. id get pomme becuase its being discontinued
  14. I think you would get more use out of the azur.
    Still love the pomme though too.:shrugs:
  15. ITA :yes: