Difficult Choice!

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  1. TPF ladies, I need your help. I have to make a choice between an 32 orange kelly & a 32 havanne ostrich kelly. I love both but I can buy only one. Which would you chose? Help....:confused1:
  2. orange kelly
  3. WELCOME to tPF!! First of all, it depends on what you already have in your current collection. Personally, I would go for Havanne Ostrich now. It's going to be easier to get an Orange Kelly later. Good luck with your decision. Looking forward to your reveal soon.
  4. Havanne ostrich - subtle and elegant :girlsigh:
  5. welcome! I´d pick the orange Kelly, such a classic H colour and you could use it any time. Obviously it all depends on what you already have in your collection,

  6. the birdie..... i like the boxy look of an ostrich kelly. and havanne is a nice col too.
  7. havanne ostrich!
  8. They are both wonderful Kellys but I'd take the Havanne Ostrich. You won't see too many of those walking around. Subtle and elegant indeed.
  9. Orange Kelly is my choice
  10. orange kelly
  11. Thanks a lot guys, very nice to help. :urock:
  12. so what are you getting?

    I say, get the one you love (and not because it's supposed to be hard to get etc. etc.).
  13. orange Kelly
  14. Actually the orange kelly is reserved for me in the boutique. So it is brad new & it looks fabulous. I found the ostrich kelly in a reseller shop & it is in mint condition. The orange one is slightly more expensive. I already have 3 kellys (40 gold, 40 sienne & 35 etoupe). My oriiginal thought was to buy the orange one as the rest were a bit neutral. However, seeing the ostrich kelly made me confused & need the urgent help.
  15. Is the ostrich Kelly a sellier kelly or retourne kelly? And would the style matter more than the colour and skin?