Difficult buyer

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2010
    I sold a brand new Chanel patent jumbo (retails for about $3200 and I sold it for $2700) and now the buyer is claiming that it has a rip on the leather on the chain. I have offered a refund but she keeps pushing wanting money back for a coupon she had and now wants me to give her $300 back so she can sell it on ebay. How can a seller protect herself from buyers like this?

    This week is also crazy for me as I teach and it is the first week of classes with our offices flooded and dealing with her continual emails is difficult because I don't have a computer during the day.

    Any suggestions?

    Here is a link for the auction:

    members are never allowed to post their eBay ID or auctions here.
  2. Well, she can't demand a portion of the money back, so I think you are safe. If she files with Paypal, she will either have to return it for a full refund or she will have to keep it. You are not at all obligated to giver her a partial refund.
    She might give you negative feedback, but to be honest, it sounds like she is just fishing for money. A lot of sellers refuse to do partial refunds and only accept returns for full refunds or nothing at all.
  3. ^^^
    you cannot post your own auctions.
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    Advise her that you do not offer partial refunds, but you will accept a return of undamaged merchandise for refund (less original shipping). If she wants to continue to fight about a partial refund, tell her to file a dispute w/ ebay.
  5. ITA with Ellie. Make sure you have a copy of your listing (screen capture it) and only speak with her through the Ebay messaging system so you'll have proof of what's been said.
  6. I am sorry for posting the listing. I thought the pics would help to show that the bag is new.

    I think you are right in that she is trying to get more money off. Her ratings are very good on ebay so I did not expect this.
  7. How do I do a screen capture?
  8. if you have an apple its command + control + 3

    it will appear on your desktop

    if you have windows there should be a print screen button on the right hand side, above the left, right, up, down arrow..theres six buttons..its one of those i believe


    i'm sorry your buyer is trying to get even more $$ off :sad:
  9. ^ I think you normally have to hold down fn and then hold down prt sc, at the same time, don't you?
  10. That does not mean much on ebay these days since sellers are not able to leave anything but positive feedbacks.
  11. for windows? no idea :P its just what someone told me when i didn't know how to screencapture. i've only done it on macs because i haven't owned a window operating system since my last pc gave me the blue screen of death three times in a row..
  12. ^ LOL! :lol:

    Don't blame you, TBH! :biggrin:
  13. I use a free program called MWSnap for screen shots. Or sometimes, I print to PDF, then convert to JPG in photoshop. Depending upon the size of what I need to save.
  14. Thank you! I did the control PrntScn and it worked!

    I have told the buyer that she should just return it and that I would not do a partial refund.

    Ebay is really getting out of control with its buyer protection and complete disregard for sellers!

  15. Agree that you should not do a partial refund.. and inspect the

    bag very very carefully before you issue the refund..