Differing political views in a relationship

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  1. Any of you in a relationship with someone whose politics are vastly different than your own? I mean opposite end of the spectrum.

    BF and I are in that situation now. It makes things very exciting and we have interesting deb@tes but things can also get rather sticky sometimes.

    I know the whole "respect each others opinions" bit. Just wondering how you all deal with it.
  2. Yes... my bf is a republican and I am a working class democrat. We kinda don't talk politics :P
  3. not me, but Maria Shriver and The Governator do it! :P
  4. It contributed to the demise of my last relationship. I'm a registered Republican, but the party is often too liberal for me, so I often vote Constitution or Conservative Party (out of principle, I know they don't win). My ex was a former Communist, self- admitted Marxist.

    He couldn't understand what motivated me, and he constantly was trying to change me. When it didn't work, he became frustrated and angry.
  5. My Dad was a Republican and my Mom is a Democrat. They always had great political discussions but respected each other's views. They would go vote together even though they knew they "cancelled" each other out. I always loved that!

    As long as you can discuss things in a respectful manner, you should be OK. IMO, though, if it gets mean or becomes a personal attack, it might mean there are other issues in your relationship.
  6. ^^ Wow, it amazes me. I mean, people with different political preferences obviously believes in different things. It's hard for me to imagine that they are actually staying together... and have kids!
  7. I'm a Democrat and my husband is a Republican. We are both pretty moderate though, so we don't really get into fierce d****** or anything. There are some things we know we disagree about but we leave it at that. I always like to remind him that my vote will cancel his out!
  8. I think, when two people have differing views on things, it does make for interesting round table discussions, but each person should keep in mind that no matter how loud they are, they are not going to convince the other to 'convert.' Sometimes, it's best to agree to disagree.

    (And while you're stating your rebuttal, always do it in a manner that shows you respect their point of view.)

    (And if issues are TOO hot button with you two, don't even touch them.)
  9. Nope, thank goodness. It makes things a lot easier..and my parent's views don't differ from each other's or even my own!
  10. The Republican party is too liberal??

    We should talk politics sometime ;)
  11. i'm very liberal, and i've had several republican exes in the past. i'm in a conservative state, so sometimes it's hard to meet guys who aren't conservative. i usually don't feel the need to discuss politics with people (99% of the time, absolutely nothing is accomplished), and i'm not out to change anyone, so it's usually not an issue. if i was looking into raising children with one of these people, it might make more of a difference, but i'm still quite young.
  12. No...not really. We don't really talk about politics and considering that we're from two different countries, he doesn't really have much to say about US politics and I don't have much to say about Belgian politics.
  13. I am a conservative republican and bf is a liberal democrat. We don't usually talk politics. He does bring it up sometimes but I usually just listen without debating. He keeps trying to convert me but since we have been together he has adopted some of my views.
    Its not a big issue for us.
  14. Vlad and I are a tad different... but on main issues we agree... or I make him agree :amuse:
  15. My husband and I just agree to disagree, we joke on election days that we just go to vote to cancel each others vote out.