Different weights for David Yurman bracelets?

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  1. I cannot access the link. Is there a Yurman retailer in your area that can authenticate? I had a similar situation once and the eBay bracelet was not authentic. I am not saying this is or is not the case with yours but if you paid for an authentic piece I would get it checked. Peace of mind is priceless ;)
  2. Hmmmm. Check the sellers feedback. At least one person said they received a fake. It may be nothing but I would take yours to a jeweler that sells DY and compare this one to theirs. Peace of mind ;)
  3. I had it checked out tonight. It's good. Whew. :smile:
  4. Fantastic! I'm so happy for you :smile::smile::smile: peace of mind is priceless! Enjoy!

  5. Thanks. :smile:. :smile:.
  6. I think the bracelet was not authentic. I bought one few days ago from eBay and seemed fake to me.