Different ways to wear fur (how versitile is it??)

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  1. Remember the 80's when a fur was pretty much a full length mink only to be worn with a dress and a pair of heels? Well, I just wondered how times have changed and I wonder in how fur is worn thesedays, i.e. in varying styles and also methods (eg trims, etc).

    So, I have thought of a few styles such as below - pics would be interesting to demonstrate I think.

    1 The Chubby

    A straight cut, short length, voluminous fur jacket. Fox works best I think.

    This looks goes with skinnies / jeans.

    2 Fur Vests

    These are (obviously) everwhere thesedays and an example of a vest I have literally just come across is attached. First pic is by Malene Birger (10/11 collection).

    3 A flashback to 1940s glamour This look should be luxurious and glamorous. Hermes' aviation-inspired coats are a perfect example;

    4 Fur on boots / shoes.

    Mukluks were very popular a few years ago (I bought a pair and they make regular appearances) and als Gucci trimmed heels with mink a few years ago. Sounds an odd combination but it worked incredibly well.

    5 colored furs

    I am talking pink mink, purple fox and I have seen bright orange fox too recently (wasn't keen on this one though!). In times gone by the furs were pretty much black, white or brown.

    Some examples (all from http://sagafurs.com) are attached.

    Zac Possen
    Devi Kroell

    So please post up other examples of how fur can be worn thesedays as compared to the past.

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  2. Not really my thing. I'm in a cool country but not a freezing one, so if anyone is seen wearing fur it just looks a bit crass as being a bit OTT.
  3. i like fur to an extent.
    no fur jackets for me though.. just vests and little accessories.
  4. don't forget the sheared fur stroller! i love this style because it's so versatile; you can dress it down with jeans during the day or dress it up with a cocktail dress & diamonds for evenings too (^(oo)^)v

    michael kors sheared mink:
  5. oh and of course there are gloves - either with trim at the wrist, or fur lined!

    black leather w/orylag trim:

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  6. i want to own on someday...NY is just very cold. but i am not sure about the stares.....
  7. to quote harry winston:

    "people will stare - make it worth their while!" (^(oo)^)v
  8. LV Piggy - well said.When I wear mine in NYC I just tend to get compliments. People can't tell the difference anyway particularly with sheared furs. The Kors sheared mink really is TDF. On that topic the shearing of fur has really come on since the 80's. I don't think they sheared them back then. I was surprised to find that they don't lose their warmth at all. They can also do a lot to furs like thining the pelts so they are very light. My mom's minks from the 80's were very heavy, perhaps 3 times as heavy as the ones today.

    Ok, what about fur scarves. These 2 pics are from D-Squared collection 2008.

    Another thing that has changed is the fact that men can also wear fur thesedays. I am actually not convinced about either of these photo's tbh from TwoB (2008 collection). Fur trim is nice on men but if they go for much more I don't like it.

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  9. I have a parka with a fur-lined hood, fur earmuffs, and a fur hand muff. But I agree it looks OTT if you don't live in a place where it's appropriate.
  10. fur trim on hoods has become a huge trend. Here are some pics I have found.

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