Different ways to wear a pochette

  1. Thanks to shopmom (i love you, i love you, i love you :love: :shame: :heart: ) im thinking of buying a pochette or two from luxury-scarves, but i usually wear twillys so i was wondering, how can i wear a pochette? I would some pics to. Please help me, gals!!
  2. Come on ladies, im kind of in a rush and need some advice now!

    What do you think of this btw:

    [​IMG] ?
  3. Here are some pics posted by Joanna.....
    scarf1a%20.jpg scarf1b.jpg scarf2a.jpg scarf2b.jpg scarf3b.jpg
  4. Is it not possible to wear it as a belt, headband and bracelet as i do with my twillys? :crybaby: