Different User IDs..?

  1. Hello Ladies!

    should i be concerned if my seller has several eBay ids?
    :shrugs: he's a powerseller with decent feedback, but when i clicked the lil icon besides the powerseller icon, it shows that he's changed his user id 4 times...!! :s

  2. if the feedback is good, I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. I wouldn 't worry either. The feedback follows all the ID's right from the beginning. Sellers who really have something to hide disappear completely and reappear with a brand new account.
  4. Sometimes you don't know what ID is good. I also changed my ID and apparently sales become much better after I changed a targeted ID. Good to know!!:graucho:
  5. okie dokie pokie! thanks girls! :flowers:
  6. Wow, that's great to know!