Different Types of Chanel Leather Bags?

  1. There's caviar that looks like pebble-ish, calf skin like cambon reporter which is very smooth, deerskin close to caviar but a little bit smoother and not that pebble-ishy......correct me if i am wrong please! what else there?
    and how about luxury line? what kind of leather? thanks!
  2. there's lambskin, usually some of the priciest and softest leather
    deerskin - a little more durable than lambskin
    calfskin - still more durable, this is what Luxe is from I believe

    then what you already listed plus some exotics like ostrich . . .
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between calfskin, grained calfskin, lambskin, and caviar? Is grained calfskin, caviar?
  4. Calf skin is, well, calf's skin. :smile:
    Lambskin is lamb's skin.
    Caviar is calfskin with a pebbled texture.
  5. Calfskin is made from cows. Grained calfskin is another way to call caviar. Caviar is a pebbled calf, which you can think of as a pattern pressed onto the calf. Lambskin is made from sheep.
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  7. Is the calfskin on the boy bag the same as the calfskin on the classics?
  8. It depends on if the boy is smooth calf (cow) or caviar (pebbled embossed cow). It's still all from the same critter.
  9. I agree, same animal. But reason would explain why no 2 are really ever the "same". Same animal, but different body ;)
    Chanel also changes it's method over the years so today's caviar is different than caviar in 2010 and different than 2006.....
  10. There's also goatskin, usually quite fine grained and hard wearing. :smile:
  11. And deerskin :yes:
    Not to mention the endless exotics! :love:
  12. lambskin, which is the super soft leather, goatskin, as far as normal leather and not exotics
  13. There's the aged calfskin for the reissues.
  14. I find it educational. Thanks.