Different treatment because of your Hermes?

  1. there is one occasion when i was carrying an hermes shopping bag and an empty box for garden party size 36.... I requested my SA's help to keep the box for me....

    i walked into a store... the SA greeted me very nicely and commented "nice bag...."
  2. in europe, it is subtle except maybe in harrods and selfridges. it is birkin candyland in these stores! most of the SAs recognise a Birkin.

    in asia, i definitely noticed the different treatment in high end stores and i don't even carry birkins or kellys. i use my evelyne, so kelly and KP. only place i am not treated differently is places like uniqlo, muji etc.. :lol::lol:
  3. From my experience, many times went into shops without any Hermes bags, I never feel any difference or impression of getting a different treatment.
  4. :ghi5: TA on Uniqlo. They do have warm greeting and they treat everyone equally. Subconsciouly, I believe they do glance or spot the bags, they ignore and treat everyone with equal basic respect.:tup: A wonderful place to buy basics and H-It-Up with Hermes Carres and accessories. Something for many street and luxury labels to learn.
  5. Another fan of uniqlo here! Their shops are brilliant!
  6. The other day I entered with my Birkin into a Dior shop, little wonder around and in about 10 min later I was invited to a tea/coffee in their VIP room for a presentation of their new diorissimo bag, which for some reason they decided not to sell publicly.
    There were 3! Sa in the room with me. On of them was openly comparing the bag to mine, but there was a lot of respect and admiration for my bag:smile:;):smile:
    Overall I always feel special treatment when I carry anything Hermes, but that story beats any other one:yes::yes:
  7. I thought I would share my previous and first experience walking into a boutique. I was with my toddler and although I did not wear any Hermes accessory, I styled myself with a suede jacket, knit dress, Frye carmen harness boots, a Versace scarf, and carried a taupe-colored Kieselstein-Cord lizard bag. My daughter wore a knit sweater. Two SAs approached me, offered their assistance, and complimented my scarf and bag. I was shown a Constance in indigo box calf leather, a shoulder bag from one of the display cases, and the SA was most kind in guiding me through the catalogue. In the end, I did end up buying a beautiful scarf, and the SA took down my information on the bag of my interest. I did not sport a snooty attitude nor desperate attitude, and I think that helped. It's not what you wear, but how you wear it.
  8. This has verity. But I will say that carrying my Birkin, I do seem to have a lot of SA's at Neiman/Nordstrom/etc. strike up conversations with me about it! Male SA's seem to be particularly interested in it for some reason. One guy ran across the store from the shoe area to give me his card even though I was in cosmetics. Fascinating social study. My husband just laughed because of course I was lured in to buy a pair of Prada wedges.
  9. It makes a difference on which style you carry . I carry a standard 35 birkin into a store they give me the world !
    If I have a lindy or even a jpg I cant get them to do anything!
    Well at Hermes they respect all but at Other stores not so much !
    So the style also influence the service!
    Sad !
  10. I like that !!! :tup:
  11. Agreed! If I am not treated with respect, I am not giving them business no matter how badly I want the product.
  12. I've posted that I'm not purchasing from H retail anymore, because of their recently announced inane policies. However, accompanying a friend today to the H boutique in Beverly Hills, the SAs were all over me, because I was wearing a Blue Electric CDC croc with GHW...not even a Birkin, lol. I find that pathetic. And btw, at 1pm, the boutique was literally empty!
  13. That's hilarious because I've found the same to be true! More male SAs at department stores notice my Birkin. And yes, one of them was in the shoe department and yes, I did buy a pair of shoes from him. :biggrin:
  14. I notice it with carrying a good bag and if you're shopping having just made a large purchase at an Hermes store and walking around with that big orange bag, lol.
  15. That's right!