Different treatment because of your Hermes?

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  1. I was doing some quick shopping on Rodeo Drive, with my Birkin, yesterday. As I waswalking, a lady who was briskly walking on the sidewalk coming from the opposite direction was pretty much bumping into people, not apologizing. She was carrying a tricolor Kelly, so I couldn't help but to stare. When she nearly bumped into me, she briefly glanced downward at my Birkin and clearly said, "I'm sorry". Was it the bag? Also, in some stores I enter (Hermes and others), I notice that the SAs look downward, see my Birkin or Kelly, and THEN they say hello and ask if I need help. Anyone else get different treatment because they were carrying a Hermes bag?
  2. Absolutely! Whenever I go shopping to an upscale shop (i.e., places where I can't normally afford), I receive the most fabulous treatment. Birkin + husband - SAs are fawning over you.
  3. yes but these shops never ever see me again. i demand good and informed service whether with birkin and jewelry or in jeans tee and sport bag coming from the gym. if they can not deliver that i am not delivering what they want-my money
    simple as that
  4. DITTO. LILACH!! It's our monie!:lol: :biggrin:
  5. ^^ DOUBLE DITTO Lilach!! You should get good service no matter what attire you are in!!
  6. Amen to that Lilach!
  7. They look at bag, watch, diamonds, shoes. That's how they qualify us..pretty hysterical..
  8. I walked into Hermes in Bal Harbour with my toile/berenia Trim and all the SAs ignored me...go figure that? I wish I had brought my Kelly or Birkin to see then how they would treat me.
  9. :P to them.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Yesterday when I first arrived at SF Hermes in the morning, I had everyone wanting to look at or touch Madame Kelly. This gal got more attention than I did by a long shot! But this is only because how many of them have really ever seen a 40-year old Kelly?!?!?! I used to be a bit invisible before....now, I think she broke the ice for me.

    I did notice that ladies who either carry an H bag and/or come in with a man get faster service.
  12. The vintage bags seem to get a lot of attention in my store too. The SA's will tell me stories about them because these bags were obviously greatly loved and come with a lot of history behind them. And some of these bags just age so beautifully, especially the box calf, we ooh and aahh over the patina. Also, there are the unusual ones, like the one made of elephant hide. The vintage bags seem to be a mark of a collector and I notice the SA's really like that type of customer because one told me that type of customer is passionate about our product.

    BTW, do you ladies really feel that ladies that come in with gentlemen really get preferential treatment?
  13. i think everyone judges you by your appearance, SAs are just no exception. it reveals more about the person doing the judging then about the person being judged, ironically.
    but it's funny that you posted about an experience in los angeles, because that is one city that is very accustomed to not judging a book by its cover. people are so casual, and powerful people are not always "pretty" or "styled" - the head of a studio, etc. the real power is behind the scenes in l.a., even if the celebs get more press. and most people understand that and treat the person in jeans and sneakers like a valued customer. that's my experience/opinion. of course a watch/bag/ring/outfit is an extra signifier that can confirm this, but at least in l.a. they won't hold it against you if you don't sport outward signs of wealth - though what car you drive is another matter. :lol:
  14. I received bad treatment and been ignored when I entered some boutiques a couple of weeks ago and I was in loungeware...even though I still had on my jewelry and handbag....do I need to get all dolled up to shop?? It's not like I looked like I just rolled out of bed....This happened at two different places in the same day and I now refuse to spend my money at those stores!!
  15. Probably wouldn't matter...I swear I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them there are two Hermes near me and I have worked them on and off over the years and I swear they are by invitation only!

    If I travel to another state and meet a nice SA at a Hermes...they can't break there backs enough to help. Usually, there are no bags of course. Then they can't believe how I am treated at my home stores.

    I feel a bit better when I hear this from others who enter my local Hermes.