Different Sunset bags

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  1. This is my first post!

    I got my first Saint Laurent bag from Nordstroms! It's a Small Sunset in supple leather. It was a spur of the moment splurge, and so I didn't really have time to do my research on the bag. When I got home, I noticed that the design on this bag is different from the design of most other Sunset bags. Can anyone give me some clarity? The tags all point to this being from the Spring 19 collection.


  2. Yup you are correct about this being from the Spring 2019 collection. Even though they placed it under the ‘Sunset’ line, I feel that it’s more like an update to the ‘West Hollywood’ from Hedi Slimane’s last collection.

    Unlike the regular ‘Sunset’, I feel that this ‘Souple’ version is more of a seasonal model and will get discontinued sooner or later.
  3. That makes sense! The auth card with the bag style on it says NEW WH. Also explains the price. Bummer on the discontinued factor. Wonder how it will effect resale value (though I doubt I will sell). At least it has a classic shape and color.
  4. I am not too sure about the ‘NEW WH’ thing ‘cause I haven’t come across any text like that on the YSL authenticity cards I came across...

    As for the resale potential, this Sunset Souple will definitely not hold its value as well as something like Kate or the Enveloppe but having a boxy shape it could be more popular when compared to something like Spontini in the long run? Just enjoy the bag while you are having it!
  5. I brought the bag from Nordstroms, this is the card it came with + the standard authenticity card. I will enjoy the bag, just thinking long term before I cut this tag off :smile:

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  6. Oh I don’t think the ‘NEW WS’ means anything special. It’s most likely their internal code name or something and nothing to do with the description of the item’s season
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