Different size heel taps for So Kate

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  1. I ordered a few pairs of Louboutins from Bergdorf. All three pairs had some kind of issue related to dust bag and heel taps. The heel taps that I requested for my So Kates arrived today, but they're too large compared to the actual heels. I feel like the shipping department just picks out any random high heel taps without regards to the actual style, so I hold little hope that requesting another set would help.

    Any advice? Does the Louboutin boutique send replacements? TIA!
  2. I email CL customer services for Heel Tips and they were nice to send me them. I had to fill out a form and less than a week I received them even though I purchase So Kate from Department store and Boutique. Hope this help.
  3. Thank you BirkinLover77! I will give that a try!