Different shapes in Balenciaga Firsts over the years

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  1. Do you think that the balenciaga first has a different shape each year ?
    Or is it just the things you put in it that shapes it differently ?

    I was curious after seeing some pics of the celebrities who wear balenciaga bags and it looked pretty different from one year to another.

    And if the case , do you have a favourite year , or best overall ? Thanks a lot
  2. I can't say for certain, but I don't think the shape is different - I have an 04 and an 06 First which are the same shape, and to me they seem no different from all the others I've seen. I think it has a lot to do with the leather, how broken-in they are, and of course also what people put in them, and if they are zipped/closed or not when the picture is taken (I've noticed that a lot of celebs don't zip their bags!).
  3. From what I understand the early classique's (2001 - 2002) were a tad larger than later ones. Just a tad mind you. Perhaps others can chirp in, I remember we had a thread about this years ago - or maybe it was on a balenciaga website full of reference material that later closed.
  4. I remember reading the same thing - that flat-brass Firsts were bigger than the current First/Classique size. However, I remember putting mine next to an 05, and they seemed to be exactly the same.

    As far as shape, it's always the same. Some bags are stiffer, while others are softer/floppier or simply more broken-in; the amount and shape of contents can make a softer First look less rectangular - just like with any other Balenciaga style, really.
  5. the used- broken in first looks dif. than the new first