Different Shades of "New" Vachetta?

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  1. Within the past 2 months I have purchased several monogram pieces; the Speedy 30 Bandouliere, Neverfull MM, and most recently a Delightful MM. They are all gorgeous, but each one has a different shade of color in the vachetta. The Speedy's trim is the lightest, but the Neverfull and Delightful are distinctly darker though all three bags were produced in the first couple of months of 2016. All are MIU as well.

    I called LV Client Services because I am an LV noob and it concerned me that the vachetta looks so different from piece to piece. They responded something to the effect that "we update our processes periodically for product improvement, blah, blah" and said I could take the bag to a store for "assessment." I feel confident that there is nothing to "assess" as the bag is perfect. I am simply curious about the different shades of the vachetta.

    Of particular concern is the newest piece, the Delightful MM that I received 2 days ago. The strap and trim are almost honey colored already. So much so, that I thought I may have received an "old stock" bag... but a date code check shows that she is new.

    I wonder if others have noticed this with your new bags? Is this a fairly common phenomenon?
  2. While I can't answer all your questions I can tell you I purchased a DA Delightful when it first came out last year and the vachetta was a different color/tone. It almost looked like they treated the leather. Just recently someone asked about their Delightful here on tpf and others answered that they too had vachetta that was slightly different. I can't remember where I saw that discussion though. Hopefully others will chime in. Enjoy all your new beautiful bags!
  3. Thank you, Lizzy. I thought I remembered a similar discussion thread, but I have searched high and low and could not find it again. I decided to post my thread here in the "reference" area so that if someone has similar concerns in the future they might be able to find some responses.
  4. Just recently bought a speedy b 35. The handles and piping was superpale, while the strap was quite a bit darker to the naked eye..
    I also read somewhere that a person purchased a speedy b, and the strap was only 2 pieces, mine had three, so maybe an old strap..
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